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What is an ideal Valentines day gift(s) and date for married and single people?

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10 Responses to “What is an ideal Valentines day gift(s) and date for married and single people?”

  1. definitebuy said:
  2. Kitty 2 said:

    A night out at their fav restaurant. Maybe a rose for the ladies .Well if its 2 men or 2 ladies same thing.

  3. Cleo (in disguise) said:

    A nice home cooked meal with wine followed by their favorite dessert…ME!

  4. Wascaly Wabbit said:

    Weekend getaway….to a bed and breakfast, dinner at a nice restaurant..

  5. Penny Laine Makes Glazed Donuts said:

    I love just sitting at home and making dinner and watching a movie!!!

    It is not a big deal and to go out and waste a lot of money is senseless!!!!!!

  6. grumpy girl said:

    just spending time together as a couple .. alone .. is the best gift. nothing else should matter.

  7. Sydney said:

    Treating your valentine like everyday is special.

  8. ♥Not So Sweet Sassy♥ said:

    A weekend in a cabin up in the mountains.

  9. Claire M said:

    Why dont you try and get a bobblehead from, they Design, Create and Deliver at your Doorstep a customized BobbleHead, which will be an exact replica of your friend (if you have provided the scanned pic of your friend at the time of ordering)…and i can guarentee you that your friend’s gonna love this BobbleHead

    Once you place an order, you set preference accordingly for normal deliver (3 weeks) or express delivery . They create the bobblehead, at the 1st stage before they go to 2nd stage, they will send you a link to preview the head for approval, and you can suggest minor changes on the face. Because of the amount of time invloved in these and the low, affordable price, by adding the proofing option, you will only allow 1 revision of your custom bobblehead.

    You can even add a ten second sound clip to the BobbleHead! By this option, they will add a voice recorder on the base of the bobblehead. Than you can press a R bottom to record a msg. Once you give such nice gift to your friend, when he press the Play bottom will play your recording of up to 10 second.

    This can be an ideal Valentine’s Gift!

  10. double secret agent said:

    rumboy and i are going bowling


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