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what is an easy, non expensive Valentines Day gift for him?

ok, i am desperate people. Plz tell me some good ideas for a good Valentines Day gift for the world’s best boyfriends.

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4 Responses to “what is an easy, non expensive Valentines Day gift for him?”

  1. Livelaughlove4ever said:

    ur love! <3

  2. delaney ;] said:

    make it personal, something he’ll remeber

    sports stuff
    fav drink and candy

  3. Money said:

    A picture of you and him.

    Buy him a wallet so he can buy you stuff haha jk.

  4. Brownie said:

    Make him something 🙂

    A couple of years ago I gave my boyfriend a pack of cigarettes but instead of tobacco inside each cigarette (i took the tobacco out of each one) I put in a note that said one thing I loved about him (20 messages in total) and explained why I loved “X” about him and he really liked it!

    My boyfriend used to smoke at the time so that’s why I got him this but if your boyfriend does not smoke maybe you could do it with something else

    Hope it helps 🙂


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