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what is an appropriate gift for my boyfriend for valentines?

my boyfriend and i have been together for 9 months hes 20 and i don’t know what to get him plus i don’t have too much money either i was thinking aftershave and chocolates but i don’t know whether that would be a good gift for valentines. what would guys want?

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10 Responses to “what is an appropriate gift for my boyfriend for valentines?”

  1. The Return of the Loose Cannon said:

    guys want condoms

  2. [email protected] said:

    does he like sports? get him something with a sports logo on it.. does he wear ball caps? get him a gift cert to a local hat shop in your mall! Does he have a fav resturant? get him a gift cert to that.. dont think too much! the most common things make great gifts..

    i can never go wrong with a ball cap, football, shirt, sweatshirt, blanket.. anything with hubbys fav. team on it..

  3. Melissa B said:

    yeah good idea maybe some chocolate and a long sweet handwritten letter telling him how much you love him, since you have been together for 9 months he’ll probably appreciate it 🙂 good luck and happy early valentines day

  4. Ideoplastic said:

    Valentine’s Day is not Christmas in February. Don’t buy into the hype. Aftershave and chocolates sound generic. Find him something small and quirky and take him out to dinner.

  5. NotMe said:

    I think the chocolates is good

  6. lizzieRN13 said:

    I did cologne, it is something he can use everyday and think of you when he does….not to mention he will smell great! Last year I did a wallet…. something small but nice, both times I was in between my assignments so money was tight for me to:)

  7. Sexy Beast said:

    I am infatuated with Ideoplastic’s answer.

    Really now.

    If an answer could make someone fall in love, that was the answer.

    Oh God, I’m sorry. I feel like a creep.

    But wow. I have fallen in love on YA!

  8. Mike W said:

    Remember, the quickest way to a mans heart is his arteries.

  9. Diane said:

    A few classic guy gifts:
    nice wallet
    leather gloves

    I’ve gotten each for my husband at once time or another, and he’s loved them all.

  10. Foxy Roxyy said:

    lol take it down a notch sexy beast


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