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what is a THirTY DOLLAR valentines gift THATS NOT a ROSE?

im a hopeless romantic and need some help….i normally dont get a GF on VDAY, but i now i do and need something around 30 bones.

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16 Responses to “what is a THirTY DOLLAR valentines gift THATS NOT a ROSE?”

  1. froggyontop said:

    Bath and body works is nice

  2. peeba5 said:

    A few years ago I made what I called “101 reasons”. It was jar and inside on 101 slips of paper, I wrote on each piece a reason why I loved him. All different. Can be done easily with the computer. Get different colored paper. On each one I hole punched a hole and put a slip of ribbon on each one. Makes it look fancier. Takes some work but really appreciated because it shows it took time and alot of effort. Anyway, thats what I did. Didn’t have a lot of money. Bought a card with it.

    You dont have to be a poet. The reasons come alot easier than you would expect. Dont forget to put the quirky stupid things he does.

  3. amanda g said:

    a card and some perfume maybe

  4. daisydukeofcarroll said:

    get her pafume or something, or even fix her dinner! just go buy a bagged salad some salad dressing, french bread, a box of penne pasta and a jar of marinara sauce you cant go wrong!

  5. smiley_in_nyc said:

    How about some perfume/body spray (i.e. Victoria’s Secret or Bath & Body Works)?

    A box of chocolates and a teddy bear?

  6. said:

    maybe a cheep concert…

  7. ♥ that one girl ♥ said:

    victorias secret has great fragrances, lingerie, beauty products, etc.

    make her her favorite meal and eat it by candle light with some nice music playing.

    get her a cute jumbo teddy bear and some chocolates. its generic, but always effective.

    go to wallyworld or target to get an affordable, yet pretty piece of jewelry. you CAN find nice, real jewelry there.

  8. Skeeter said:

    Box of chocolates !!!!

  9. Queenie said:

    What about some V. Day pajamas or something cute from Victorias Secret or something like that?

    Of course something made is better than something bought but…

  10. [email protected] said:

    Hire somebody to write a song for you about her, then take credit for it.

    A lot of college students majoring in English will do it for less.

  11. Martin M said:

    Gift Card

  12. Nikita J said:

    Chocolates or some perfume and lotion from Bath and Body Works or Dinner at Fridays, Applebees, Unos or the Olive Garden. But why only $30?

  13. doclakewrite said:

    plush toy with small box of chocolates…

  14. enigma said:

    Cookiegrams that say I love you or Be MY Valentine, 1 dozen cookie roses, a dozen heart shaped balloons, stuffed anmials with a message for valentines day. Gift from Le Sensa or Victoria Secrets, they have good perfumes that are cheaper too, chocolate specific for Valentines Day. (a ordinary box is a copout), Some nice costume jewelly

  15. honey_bee_7_20 said:

    If it is a new romance, this is your chance to sweep her off her feet.
    ~Find out what her favorite dish is and prepare it for her. Serve it either picnic style (if she is into that) or sit at a table (you could sprinkle rose petals, real or fake, in either scenerio and light some candles to make it romantic.
    ~Don’t buy her a card, make her one (it shows that you put even more thought into her). You can find some really great poems to put in it online, if you don’t have the words to describe how you feel.
    ~Give her a massage while listening to some soothing or romantic music.

    Hopefully this helps and you should be able to stay within budget. Good Luck.

  16. Zoozy said:

    Try tulips or lillies. They are much more fun. If you go to the flower shop and hand pick out a bunch of flowers and have them wrapped in a bow it is so much cheaper than roses in a vase. Roses and boxes of chocolates are overated. Get her a box of heart candies with sayings on them. I love them.
    Ideas for different flower types.


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