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What is a suitable punishment for a teenager?

Parents with teenagers – what punishments do you view as fit for teenagers? Mine is 16 and driving me crazy.

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11 Responses to “What is a suitable punishment for a teenager?”

  1. bookish said :

    Take away something they like or want. Limit computer use. Take away their cell phones. Ground them.
    I have no idea if this actually works. My sons, now in their 20s, never gave me a bit of trouble. Really.

  2. Heather said :

    This is what drives me crazy when I get/got punished.
    1. Taking away their mobile for two days.
    2. Taking away priviledges to the computer/laptop for two days.
    3. Making them sit in the same room as you. (Sending them to their room with all their things won’t punsih them).
    Things along those lines.

  3. Bell said :

    that just makes them hate you more

    put them in their room, or in the open and make them study for a while,
    find their educational weakness and make them concur it!
    repeat over the week if necessary, be supportive
    check the work afterwords!

    1. its good for their education
    2. they benefit, because they wont hate you as much for taking away something valuable.
    3. after the study sesh, they will secretly be pleased with what they have acheived

  4. Harbinger said :


  5. mell said :

    1.If you pay your teenagers phone bill
    a.restrict all her friend contacts
    b.shut down her phone
    2.If you don’t pay her phone bill
    a.tell her she can’t go to any parties
    b.send her to a private school
    c.take the battery out her phone

  6. AdoreHim said :

    take away what seems to be the most important thing in your teenagers life- cell phone, computer, times with their friends. This always worked for our children.

  7. kim h said :

    When mine are in trouble everything is taken away. Friends, car, phone, internet, games, everything.

  8. cαρєr said :

    Is it a he or she ? If your teen is a female – take away her favorite clothes and all of her make up and styling products. Most teen girls would go psychotic if you did that to them. Take away cell phone and internet as well so they can’t text or ask friends to bring anything the next day.

    If your teen is a boy – take away something he loves equally as much. Video games, computer, tv, phone .. don’t be afraid to get creative.

    Who cares if they say they hate you – your job isn’t to be liked, it’s to provide for the kid.

  9. charles h said :

    The absolute BEST punishment for all children over the age of 13 is…(drumroll)…NATURAL CONSEQUENCES!!! Once they reach adolescence, they do MUCH better finding out that this world is NOT going to put up with their ideas! Be supportive of them, and toward them, when they inevitably get in “dutch”, and find out that “Gravity acts on all substances equally!” (LOL)- and that, “The World is what it is, and doesn’t forgive mistakes- not even ignorant ones!”

  10. Kathy S said :

    Teens need to be thinking through their actions and the consequences of those actions so they make better decisions in the future. One great way to promote this thinking is to have them write about the incident. Here’s a description of how to do that:

    Another idea is to bring the teen more into the family, not less. If your teen has drained a lot of energy from you, ask him/her to make it up by cooking a meal for the family, cleaning up after dinner or some other task that involves helping out the family.

  11. texas! said :

    spanking and grounding always worked for me as a teen.


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