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What is a great valentines gift for my girlfriend?

We have been dating for two years. I’m going to take her out for dinner and flowers but I wanted to make her something this year. Any ideas?? Thank you!

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6 Responses to “What is a great valentines gift for my girlfriend?”

  1. savannah m said :

    Anyone can buy presents, so you should do something from the heart 🙂 write her a poem or make her a photo album or something special. Even if it’s kinda corny I’m sure she’d appreciate the thought and effort. I know that I’d love something like that

  2. Jim Carrey said :

    well take her to beach……..or have some dinner at new place

  3. Miss May said :

    Two years? You should make a scrapbook or photo album about you guys. Not HEAPS: about..maybe 20 pages/50-ish photos for a photo album, and anywhere between about 5 and ten pages for a scrapbook. Or make something else for her, like write a poem, or just make a scrapbook page with pictures and words and stuff. I’m sure she would love it, and it would give you MAJOR brownie points for being so sweet and thoughtful.

  4. Trish .k said :

    Yeah Photo-album is the great idea… 🙂
    Implement this one.

  5. Sophie said :

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  6. azmilsyahmi said :

    Photobook is a great. I used an online Photobook company that printed my photobook with magazine quality. Its call They even supply your with their program and themeplates.

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