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What is a great Valentines gift for a boyfriend?

My boyfriend & I will be spending Valentines together and it will also be our 6 month anniversary. I’m not a very material person but what I wanted to do for him was to make a CD with our songs and I wanted to get a photo album & fill it with pictures of us. Any other ideas? He has an iPod, an XBOX and lots of electronics.. I want to buy him something he will love to use and something that he won’t forget. help!!! 🙂

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One Response to “What is a great Valentines gift for a boyfriend?”

  1. Sweet n Sour said:

    What you have already planned sounds like enough. Don’t worry about getting him any electronics, those will be forgotten with the next upgrade in systems. make him a nice dinner, and give him the photos and cd then. Or if he is taking you out to dinner, you could give him the gifts at dinner still.

    you could bake him something that is his favorite dessert or meal, and deliver that with the gifts, if dinner is not going to be a possibility.


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