What is a great valentines gift?

I don’t want to over do the whole valentines day thing, im getting flowers and chocolate, taking her for dinner but what is something nice i could throw in which is around $100. Ear rings?

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21 Responses to “What is a great valentines gift?”

  1. musicxfreakk83 said:


  2. Boy said:

    MAKE something

  3. phoenixflight said:

    chocolate and flower, the usual way

  4. Marc!n said:

    Victoria’s secret
    A nice bra and panties that go with it.. about $95

  5. Jaime O said:

    Flowers! Flowers are surprisingly long-lasting, and have many more romantic aspects than the usual Valentine’s gifts.

  6. yee/haaw.dawwg♥. said:

    jewelry! you can never go wrong with that 🙂

  7. BFFS WITH L.W. said:

    omgosh yes earings! or a necklace 🙂

  8. black static<3 said:

    give her the best gift:

    show her you love her. cuddle with her and kiss her lovingly<3

    thats all a girl really wants. :)♥(:

  9. Shannonator said:

    A sterling silver necklace with a cool charm on it.

  10. Pkash said:


  11. jd said:

    girls love jewelry =) they also love flowers. earrings or a necklace or a ring would be nice. or maybe a giftcard to her favorite store. victoria’s secret. bath and body works. sephora.

  12. Anni Lou said:

    everyone loves chocolate!
    also consider a home made card, filled with lve and caring (i know cheesy)

  13. Messar M said:

    a necklace or Diamond jewelry or a dress

  14. Mel said:

    A massage is a great gift, especially if she’s never had one before. And depending on where you live, it should be under $100 for an hour. Look around and see the reviews on different places before you get one for her. You can either buy her a gift certificate or book her one. Hot stone massages are really nice too if she likes heat.

  15. Kellii B said:

    yep or a necklace
    or a cute little ring 😛

  16. lizzielpp said:

    Earrings or a necklace, definitely. Jewelery never gets old! You seem willing to spend a good amount of money on this (you must really like her!), so I would go with a more unusual rose or flower. Purple roses maybe? Anything exotic or uncommon, it doesn’t have to be too expensive. It shows that you really went out of your way to get her a nice gift. She’ll like anything you give her, you just have to show her how much you love her! 🙂

  17. miss raine said:

    aw!! you are so sweet to go to all that trouble
    ear rings are a good idea but they are really personal
    how about a perfume?? something you know she already wears or is running out of?

    or even a bangle is really nice…girls love stuff thats engraved so how about a bangle with the date you two began going out on it and your names??

    good luck and happy valentines 🙂

  18. Sally Cat said:

    I would just think a lot about what SHE wants because not all girls will like the same thing(s). But just to throw in an idea, maybe you could buy her a really nice perfume. Not the cheap kind lol. But the pricier kind because some of them smell amazing =)

  19. Wendy said:

    omg no teddy bears! they’re tacky and it will just sit in her closet! you dont need material things! do something thoughtful like an oil massage with candles!

  20. roxianeb said:

    Earrings are a great idea. Visit kay.com they have lots of nice pairs for under $100.

  21. foreign_p0licy said:

    valentine’s day is a pointless erection two weeks in the making,and a box of chocolates


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