What is a good valentines gift thats not store bought?

Im a girl trying to think of something unique this year to give my guy….Im 23 and hes 24. Thanks…

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5 Responses to “What is a good valentines gift thats not store bought?”

  1. analyzer said:

    A love poem is nice written on nice paper in fancy ink with your kiss (put lipstick on and kiss paper) and spray with perfume!!

  2. Lacey said:

    take my idea! I posted it under the same subject as you did!!! also depends on what type of guy he is and where you live!! if its nice out oh boy I could think of lots. but if its like it is here and 4 foot of snow and below zero!! not to many ideas!!! do research!!

  3. Kate said:

    Ok this might be a bit extreme considering I don’t know where you are in your relationship, but you seem old enough not to be freaked out by it at least. This year I got a brazilian wax and left a small patch to one side that I turned into my boyfriend’s initial. I jumped the gun and did it a week early because damn it sucks growing that crap out, but he absolutely loved loved loved it.

  4. mmmm baby said:

    You could bake him something.. they have a bunch of cool baking stuff at michaels (sprinkles, food coloring, etc) just figure out his favorite desert or sweets and home made candies aren’t difficult either. Though my boyfriend is skinny he LOVES food/sweets. easiest way to his heart. he also likes my silly home made cards. michaels also has alot of stuff to make homemade cards too.

    luck XX

  5. John P said:

    Its going to be a lot of work, but its wild!

    One valentines day I found a card in the window of my car, It was from my girlfriend,…
    opened it,… it said to go to discount package store down the street at 5pm, ask for gail, I did, gail handed me a case of my favorite beer free and gave me another card,
    opened it…., it said to go to the italian market a 6pm and ask for mario, I did and he gave me my favorite pastry and a card,
    opened it…. and the card said to go to the mens fashion store a 7pm and ask for billy, i did and he gave me a leather jacket and a card,
    yes i opened it….. and it said to go to the ski market at 8pm, and ask for mary, i did and she gave me a gift, opened it and it was a pair of ski gloves.and she gave me a note,….
    opened it…. and it said to go to Mobil gas station at 9pm and tell the gas attendant my name, i did and got a free full tank!
    yes, he gave me a note
    opened it…. and it said to go to the Mariot Hotel in Framingham and go to room 324 at 10pm sharp!
    I did and my girlfriend was there.

    pretty wild?, I am the ultimate romancer, however, I have never been able to top this. It will be planning, work and effort but a WOW at the end.

    BEST ANSWER?? Giovani


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