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What is a good valentines gift for my fiance?

I have been with my fiance for 4.5 years, and would like to get him something really special this valentines day. please no crude answers, and nothing too expensive. we’re saving up to get married, so I’m not looking to spend too much.

Thanks! 🙂

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7 Responses to “What is a good valentines gift for my fiance?”

  1. Sierra Aspen said :

    It depends, clothes, watch, tie,homemade card, breakfast in bed or out to his favorite restrant, clone, something for work, dont be afraid to ask him what he wants.

  2. Joanne A. said :

    Valentine gift ideas:

    Valentine cards.
    Box of chocolates.
    Stuffed animal with or without a gift around its neck.
    Restaurant dinner.
    Theatre tickets.
    Gift card.
    Book light that hooks onto book.

    1. Visit this website for gift ideas for everyone:…

    2. Go to this website and click onto the categories at the top bar or scroll down the screen and click onto the pictures for gift ideas.

    3. More gift ideas:

  3. Rife said :

    Is not needed to spend too much to buy a nice gift. People that love each other are happy with any small gift that they receive from the loved one. The love that comes with the gift is the most important.
    Check the link in the source box, to get some ideas what to buy.

  4. E M said :

    It’s always hard to find the perfect gift for that special someone. Thank God, with technology you can search for gifts, order, gift wrap and have them shipped to their door, all from the comfort of your home!

  5. Todays Hot said :

    I know it’s hard to find the perfect gift for your special someone, luckily the internet makes it so much easier and faster!

  6. Kristian Clarke said :

    A great gift idea would be something the you both could enjoy like riding on electric bikes scooters. I bought one for my boyfriend because i wanted him to experience the enjoyment that I do when I ride mine. He loves it and so do I because we are both spending good quality time together and having fun.

  7. Monica Greene said :

    A great gift would be a scooter.


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