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What is a good valentines gift for a female friend?

She is in her mid 20s and we used to work together and she does not know that I really like her. How can I surprise her? Any good and not too suggestive ideas. Thanks

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8 Responses to “What is a good valentines gift for a female friend?”

  1. Celene N said :

    Flowers.. Necklace… diamond watch…
    teddy bear…Flowers….Gift Card…..Sex??

  2. Nick90210 said :

    Wow Celene Diamond Watch? Sex? Diamond watch might be too much and Sex… Well she might call the cops… Or maybe You’ll get luck.

    Just get a Teddy Bear, Chocolate, And a funny Valentines Day Card.

  3. blue fairy said :

    Give her a bouquet of pink roses. Pink roses are a symbol of admiration.

  4. nadia said :

    every girl love jewelry =) buy it original

  5. Stephens said :

    You are in a tricky situation my friend. And I agree with you that you shouldn’t go with something which is highly suggestive as things might go horribly wrong as well. BTW: Do you have photographs together? If you do, then simply make a photo book and present it to her. This way you’re indirectly telling her how much you care for her. And trust me my friend, girls find this very very cute. Explore sites like , and hopefully it can make this valentine day a very special one for you. Good luck.

  6. Adam Campen: Owner of Adatude said :

    This should do it… steak-through-the-heart shirts…

  7. Iya said :

    Well as i keep saying, if she likes Twilight (movie or book by Stephenie Meyer) or Robert Pattinson, you can buy her a Twilight Desk Calendar. You can also buy one for your other friends or sisters too if you like, which can save you shipping expenses.

    It’s a unique enough gift and it will make her remember you everyday for a year. =)

  8. Ted F said :

    Alcohol and chocolate…it’s not too suggestive, but will let her know how you feel (and I feel like everybody likes chocolate and alcohol). 1-877-spirits has a variety of different gift baskets that incorporate both alcohol and chocolate..I’ll leave a link to them in the source section. Hope this helps.


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