What is a good valentines day gift for my girlfriend?

i need some good ideas for a valentines day gift for my girlfriend. i dnt want the usual chocolate and teddy bear stuff. i want this to be good. please help! thanks

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  1. ahi_tuna_extra_rare said:

    Dude, she’s YOUR girlfriend. How can a bunch of strangers know better than you?????

  2. Woody630 said:

    This other guy is right, however we could try…post some additional details on age and relationship time and all that, and maybe people could help

  3. Kelly said:

    Basically what I’m doing is that I’m giving him a memory box with some stuff I put together for him. I also made him a really nice card with a heartfelt poem that I wrote. I made him a poem book with pictures I have taken as well. : } I’m doing all this stuff because Valentine’s is our first anniversary. ♥

    Well, I found this great website that has a lot of ideas that people sent in. A lot of great ideas… cheap, creative, sweet. So if you need ideas, here ya go:

    It helped me come up with some ideas and stuff.
    Check it out!

  4. mikey said:


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