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What is a good sweet Valentines Day gift for my boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for about 2 months now. We are both 11 and in sixth grade. We really like each other. I need a sweet Valentines day gift for him. I also need it to be under 20 dollars. I don’t want to give him something super cheesy but i want it to be kind of sappy. And please don’t say that we are too young to date.

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12 Responses to “What is a good sweet Valentines Day gift for my boyfriend?”

  1. Key Hill said:

    Your are not to young to date .I am also having the same problem about what to get my boyfriend too. we have been going out for 2 months we are both 15 and in the 9th grade and i do not know what to get him. I am thinking about getting him a picture of me and putting it in a frame for him, and and making it pretty. Im also thinking about him coming over to do somethings. if he likes chocolate get him some or go out somewhere special, buy him a card that says i love you spend time with him show him how much you love him.

  2. Mikey said:

    Well your WAY too young to date, and adult diapers and condoms would be your best bet (:

  3. arian said:

    a gimp

  4. Taylor said:

    i am having the same problem!! I want to get him somthing that he will want to keep forever. Except I dont want it to be cheesy.

  5. taylor said:

    i love the picture idea btw

  6. Jessica said:

    Bake some heart shaped cookies, or decorate some Valentine themed cupcakes! What boy wouldn’t love that?

  7. Zoey said:

    Haha I don’t think you’re too young to date, I’m your same age and have been dating my boyfriend for half a year, but we’re taking it super slow. xD I’m thinking about getting him a key chain with his name on it + a homemade card or so. And our school sends chocolate roses, so I’m sending him one.(: All these would be good ideas… (At least I hope so) And I don’t have a pic of us, so I can’t do the frame idea, haha. I wish you a ton of good luck! 🙂

  8. Sid da kid said:

    I am having the same problem and
    he wants to wear a tucks in a sixth grader and hes going to buy me lots of stuff but theres nuthing to buy for guys most of the stuff is to girlish like teddy bears its a cut idea but what guy would want that we
    have been dating for about a week but for christmas he bout me diamon ear rings they are super cute i also need it to be
    under 50 dollars please HELP

  9. Sid da kid said:

    I meant 35 $

  10. Steph said:

    I am haveing the exact same promblem and am 15 also but i dont have a clue not even am idea what t get him but i really wont it to be speical someone please help

  11. Angel Girly said:

    I don’t think you to young to date at all, I am having the same problem, me and my boyfriend are both 13 and madly inlove ( I don’t care what you people say about being in love at a young age its true !) We have been dating for about a month now and he gets me little things all the time and we spend TONS of time together, we both said we would get each other something for valentines day and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO GET HIM : / someone pleaaasee help me ! 😀

  12. Suppa Star said:

    I have the same problem except I’m looking for my sisters bf, their both 15 and she keeps freaking out about it!!! So someone get me outta my misery and tell me what she should get him!!!!


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