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what is a good idea for three year olds to make for their parents for valentines day?

i have a transition toddler preschool class, and we have one thought. dipping spoons for coffee. we’ll have them take spoons and dip them in melted chocolate. then after they dry, the teachers will wrap them in plastic. attached will be a little poem. but that is one idea. any other ideas?

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6 Responses to “what is a good idea for three year olds to make for their parents for valentines day?”

  1. ARLENE H said:

    Get the cheap Valentines in a package and some medium size paper doilies,simple let them glue the valentines to the doilies and let them copy the letters of their name on the doilies. The parents will be thrilled that they know their own names to print.

  2. daisykj said:

    A great gift idea for parents is to take photos of the children on the playground or with a Valentines-y background (providing you have permission to photograph your students) and let the children design a frame with heart stickers, etc. Parents LOVE pictures of their children!

  3. bRACEfACE<3 said:

    contruction paper heart on a popsicle stick and a picture of the student on the heart. have the students decorate babyfood jars. put plaster or cement or rice in the jar and put the popsicle stick and the heart in it the students should also decorate the heart.

  4. Dana P said:

    You could get inexpensive coffee mugs and have the children decorated them with paint ( the outside of course). Hot chocolate packets could be placed inside then you could wrap them in plastic and let the children choose what type of ribbon they’d like tied around the plastic. Just a thought.

  5. J. Hoffman said:

    Picture frames with candy conversation hearts glued onto them and a cute picture of the child inside is a fun idea.

  6. ludachick2005 said:

    Have the kids make little cards with fingerprints on them or coloring it with decorations.


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