what is a good idea for a valentines gift?

I have no clue on what to give my boyfriend, i don’t want anything to cheesy! guys! what would you appreciate? Help me please!

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  1. Online by Dezign said:

    A couple of ideas for you…

    1) Tickets to a concert or sporting event that he would enjoy.

    2) Take him to dinner to his favorite or just a fabulous restaurant. (Your treat.)

    All the Best,

    Celebrate by Dezign

  2. The *CHEEKY* Paper Bunny Boo said:
  3. John M said:

    If you can’t this of anything good then how about something delicious? You can get him a box of clever cookies chocolate cover oreos. Chocolate cover oreos are always a crowd pleaser.


  4. Rus J said:

    Here are a few ideas

    Romantic collar stays or hidden message cuff links.
    Chocolate Body Paint, Romantic Dice, Lucky Lottery Tickets, Couples games you can these here and more. http://giftideacenter.com/Occasion/Romantic_Gifts/

    Men’s Valentine Boxers – good selection here http://giftideacenter.com/Shopping/hotgift-3.php
    Creating a music cd or playlist for him
    Concert tickets, sports tickets, tee-rific lover golf balls – lol.

    A way to a mans heart is through his stomach so steaks, cookies or a mix of micro brews might be nice. http://giftideacenter.com/People/mens_gifts.php

    have fun with these


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