What is a good gift to give your groomsmen?

I am looking for ideas on what to give my groomsmen for my wedding. Obviously I want something good that they will love and appreciate. I am not looking to break the bank here, but I am also not looking to be cheap either. Any suggestions?

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6 Responses to “What is a good gift to give your groomsmen?”

  1. Research Girl 27 said:

    I like monogrammed pocket knives. You always have a good use for a good pocket or Swiss army knife.

  2. JennieR said:

    I went to a wedding where they got canes (for lack of a better word… you know, like sort of what you’d picture a rich old man having…) and the top was an eagle head that unscrewed and a sword came out.

    My fiance and all the other guys at the wedding loved them, and they were totally jealous! The groom told us they were like $12!!
    I just googled it really quick: this was the first result

    Hope this helps!

  3. fizzygurrl1980 said:

    We’re doing engraved silver flasks with their names on it. They’re only $6.99 at The Knot right now, with another $6 apiece for engraving. That’s really not a lot, in comparison with other gifts. Plus, they look really nice and expensive, and since all my fiance’s friends are pretty big drinkers, they’ll get a lot of use out of them!

  4. Constellation said:

    It really depends on who you are, and your relationship to your groomsmen. My husband’s groomsmen were all friends of his from throughout his life, but they are all really committed to their faith, so he got them all really nice, leather-bound study bibles and wrote a message on the inside cover to them noting a verse that he thought was really appropriate for their unique friendship.
    But, I’ve also heard of folks getting each groomsman a unique designer set of cufflinks: they have such neat kinds out there: little pewter fender guitars, or things pertaining to their occupations, etc. It’s sort of a fun but personal gift…and you can find some that are really high quality and very ornate online.

  5. babyblueangel_30 said:

    I had a really hard time trying to find something for my husband to get his groomsmen.. we didnt wanna do the flask/money clip/ knife thing… (nothing wrong with that but just didnt think our groomsmen would like them much).. SO we ended up buying their tuxedos for the wedding and some sunglasses.. not that they’ll wear their tuxedos often.. but we wanted them all to match and since we were paying for everyones clothes anyway.. we figured lets look into it. It was actually cheaper to buy their tuxedos than to rent them (we got them from Ebay). But $100 a man may be more than u were looking to spend. Maybe go for sumthing more along with your theme… like a wedding at a popular ski resort you’d buy them a day pass or something like that. maybe not even buy them an actual gift.. how about buying them something to do.. like take them all out to play paintball for a day.. depending on your area this could be like $25-50 a day.. i donno. hope i gave a few outside of the box ideas.

  6. ~ultimate_farmer_girl~ said:

    We gave our groomsmen mugs with their names engraved on them.

    I went to Target or Wal-Mart and got 2 packages of 4 beer mugs (8 all together) for like $15. I then took them to an engraver and had their names put on them for an additional $3 per mug.


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