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What is a good gift to give your boyfriend for Valentines Day?

I’m just curious on what you think would be a good Valentines Day gift to give for my boyfriend. (we are ages 14 and 15)

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7 Responses to “What is a good gift to give your boyfriend for Valentines Day?”

  1. Thomas A said:

    an id bracelet with your names engraved inside. thomas

  2. Veronica said:

    A scrapbook – fill it with pictures of both of you and events u attended together.

  3. tiffers said:

    burn a cd of songs that have special meaning to you and him, or that describe ur relationship. give him a bag of kisses in a cute lil jar and write a lil poem talking about how now he has kisses to make up for the days you cant see him. um give his house a “heart attack” cut out a bunch of construction paper hearts that have lil sayings on them and tape them all over his house. hmm hope one of these helps u

  4. smrtgrl01 said:

    make him a cd

  5. shy lady said:

    what if you dont know what to get him because ur only in fifth grade

  6. Rachael said:

    I’m giving my boyfriend some chocolates, cologne, a teddy bear (maybe) or I was looking through a catalogue this afternoon and I thought I’d buy him an identity bracelet or a dogtag thing.

    Theres some ideas you can use? <3
    Good luck x

  7. Elisha Maddin said:

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