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What is a good gift to buy a 6th grade boy for Valentines day?

I need some ideas . My little girl is in the 6th grade and wants to buy a valentines gift for her boyfriend. I really could use some suggestions. What do you get a 12 year old for Valentines Day? HELP

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10 Responses to “What is a good gift to buy a 6th grade boy for Valentines day?”

  1. Sexy-Booty said:

    A card and a lollypop.

  2. The Guy Who Stole Your ID said:

    This will cost about $100.00, but is a great gift because my little brother is in 6th grade. They would like a Gameboy Micro, priced at $59.99, and maybe a Gameboy Game that the boy would like, which would cost $20.00 to $40.00 dollars. The Gameboy Micro comes with a carry pouch. She can buy the game, insert it into the Gameboy Micro system, put the system inside the pouch, and put inside with the system and the game, maybe a letter. It is the perfect gift! Trust me. It’s a bargain, too. Get the Gameboy Micro now for $59.99 before it gets up again.

  3. Suzie said:


    Here are some possible gift ideas:
    -sports cards (perhaps autographed)
    -A cool strobe light
    -One of those singing and moving semi-stuffed animals
    -A picture with you and him and a frame
    -Movie poster
    -A DVD that he might like that you can watch together

    Hope this helps,


  4. B. B said:

    I would go with a CD or DVD, but don’t get something if you aren’t sure what he likes.

  5. Taylor said:

    heeyy! im in 6th grade too. my mom told me to get him a pic of me with a nice little frame or something. i think its a cute gift 😉

  6. kennedy paige clark said:

    well, those are all great ideas but i am in sixth grade and i thought of getting him like a balloon but i am still not sure.

  7. kennedy paige clark said:

    please help!!!! aaaaaaaauuuuuuuuggghhh

  8. kennedy paige clark said:

    any advice our class party is tomorrow!!!!!!

  9. i luv yhuuuuu!!!!!!! said:

    i am in 6th grade and i got my boyfriend some axe body spray and put it in a teddy bear`s arms!!!!!!!!! i think it is cute but not too girly

  10. Elaine Schimanski said:

    An intelligent answer – zero BS * which makes any pleaasnt change.


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