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What is a good cheap date for valentines day?

Ok so i just got fired, and my moneys a little tight. Were thinking about just renting some movies and stayin in. But i was wondering if there ws anything else i could do real cheap.

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6 Responses to “What is a good cheap date for valentines day?”

  1. report me sissy said:


  2. King Dedede said:

    Just stay in!

    Cook her up a romantic dinner as well! If you can’t cook just search up some recipies on the internet.

    I’d rather be cuddled up to the woman i love in the privacy of my own home than be staring at each other in a restraunt anyday!

  3. ♥lisa alexandria♥ said:

    make a romantic picnic in your living room. get a sheet and sit on the floor and make her a romantic dinner. put candles all around the room. then, surprise her with her favorite dessert and maybe cute little teddy bear or something. or just write her a letter telling her how much she means to you and how much you love her.
    then afterwards, watch movies. maybe even rent a chick flick for her benefit if she likes that kind of stuff. it would show you care about watching what she wants to watch.
    just pretty much make her feel special.

    you can also go to & under “relationships”, read the “womens valentine day wishes”. there are some good ones. 🙂

  4. His Chick <3 said:

    I agree with the staying in and cooking her something also give her some roses there’s places where they sell them cheap that will be romantic…

  5. sosmcs said:


    this always works,its so awwww n sweet n it makes the gurl feel like her b/f has really taken the time to think bout her instead of just gettin her roses that will eventually die,n hey dont het me wrong,i absloutely love flowers but since ur broke,or sorry,ur money’s kinda tight,u will want her to remember this valentine so i totally think the note is a good idea……….its cheap….actually…its for free…
    Tell her how u feel exactly,fill the paper with xoxo’s n while shes reading it,hold her close n kiss her on the cheek…trust me that’ll mean the world to her…


  6. blackwidowweb said:

    have a romantic bath together with candles maybe?


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