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What is a cute idea for a Valentines Day gift?

I have a boyfriend of 1 year and a month and i want to give him something special for Valentines Day but i don’t know what. What do you get a boy for Valentines Day anyway besides candy. Any ideas would be great!!

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5 Responses to “What is a cute idea for a Valentines Day gift?”

  1. hans said:

    um….maybe a gold or silver metal chain or bracelet
    hops this helps 🙂

  2. Kelly W said:

    Bake him goodies. One year I made a huge chocolate chip cookie (like a cookie cake) and wrote on it with icing. Obviously guys like food.

  3. Maryann said:

    Visit my blog for hundreds of ideas!

  4. PETA said:

    red desire cologne:

    V-day cookie cake. Our stores sell them and you can personalize them 8-15 dollars but you can make one so easy yourself:


    Make sugar cookies (premade dough at store or make your own) Use heart shaped or vday cookie cutters (dollar store has them 6 for 1 dollar), Use red and pink sugar. The dollar stores sells the cutest vday boxes and bags. Line a box with the cute vday tissue paper and add your cookies. You could add some hugs and kisses candies in there.

    You could get him a photo memory book from snapfish or like stores: You pick the cover colors and add a picture or text to the cover, you pick the page designs and how and how many pictures you add to them and can add text in all kinds of colors and fonts. My daughter made her BF one. She put a special quote she found on one whole page, she took a picture of her promise ring and put that on there. She put pictures she had taken of flowers he had bought her, and filled it with pictures of them taken throughout their relationship. You could also take pictures of where you met, a napkin he wrote you a message on, etc. You could put on a page the lyrics of yourr song. It turned out so beautiful, I cant even tell you. This is a photo book, you upload the pictures and customize and they make it for you and send it to you. The book is like a hard cover childrens book in high gloss. I

  5. Jennifer J said:

    I’m sure in the past one year you must have collected lots of photo memories. Why not create a personalized photo book for your beau? I did it on my boyfriends B’day & it was a pleasant gift for him.
    I used and am really impressed with the quality of the photo book, customization of templates, colors and their photo book printing prices are also affordable.
    Hey, they have special offer for Valentine’s. Give a try: – Have a happy one!


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