what is a cheap funny valentines day gift?

This is for my boyfriend who is a very funny gut and we like to play jokes but i really want something that is funny but romantic to.

the one thing i have in mind are those dancing and singing stuffed animals at wal-mart. Is that a funny gift?

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17 Responses to “what is a cheap funny valentines day gift?”

  1. L said:

    for a guy a thong 😀

  2. Wicked_Wednesday said:

    Edible Undies……EWWWWW

  3. chris G said:

    cheapskate lol

  4. sjc191. Recovering Y/A addict. said:

    a card

  5. soccer45 said:

    a condom

  6. Jenna said:

    huge grandma thong

  7. B McGhee said:

    a big lump of pure biltong… you really cant go wrong with that

  8. why so serious? said:

    yes or what i got for my boyfriend was a stuffed cupid that sang Britney spears you can find those at target =)

  9. roxyyfoxyy10 said:

    oh like a vibrator lmao or something that he wouldnt rlly have much use for but would just laugh 🙂

  10. Suspendy A said:

    Who wants a dancing bear from wal-mart?
    or anything cheap for that matter?
    I would rather have nothing.

  11. trooper said:

    A pet rock!

  12. Tumbler said:


  13. Ashley M said:

    yeah if your a baby you got to get him boxers that say be mine or something like that and then you have sex with him while he wears those boxers

  14. Selena B said:

    that singing stuffed animal is really cliche and also says that you didn’t try very hard….i suggest that you bake him some homemade cookies and make a little ticket for one sexual favor if you guys happen to be intimate like that…or instead of being a sexual favor it can be an all access pass for a make out session…cheap and fun for both of u because u can eat some of his cookies after.

  15. Anonymous =D said:

    The idea of the dancing bears is a cute idea…BUT guys don’t appreciate that kind of stuff like girls do. But you know him and i don’t so that’s up to you.

    I also suggest getting him a funny card. There are plenty of funny Valentine’s Day cards out there and that way you took care of pleasing his funny side and you now have room to take care of the other sides to him!

    Hope I helped you out some! =D

  16. Allen G said:

    A Pink Rose(not red)

  17. Erin K said:

    Make him a muffin and write on a card “Your a stud muffin” haha its weird but funny.


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