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What is a Better Way to Name Your Child?

Is it better to give your baby a name that is classy and elegant but may be a little older sounding? For example, Katherine


A name that sounds younger and may not age as well such as Samantha?

Why do you think so?

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18 Responses to “What is a Better Way to Name Your Child?”

  1. Jen* said:

    Elegant and classy!

  2. Smiley! said:

    Samantha doesnt sound “young” to me. I think you should go with the younger sounding names. The older ones are so outdated and are names that our grandmothers have.

  3. katie f said:

    I am a fan of something older and elegant that ages well. You can always come up with nicknames for them when they are younger but that way when they are older they dont have little kids names.

  4. Well Then. said:

    I say classy is the way to go. A name may be cute for a little kid, but sounds silly for a lawyer, a doctor, or a politician. Name trends like Ava, Adele, Sophia, Abigail, and so on, I actually like because those ARE in fact older names, just look at name trends.

  5. Kirsten said:

    Names that sound modern but are old. I like names like Lillian, Abigail, Kirsten (my name, is actually a bit old and uncommon), Elizabeth, and Natalie. And Samantha ages pretty well, I think it’s a good name.

  6. vickiebrat said:

    Katherine is classy and elegant, while the child is young she can go by Katie, Kate or Kathy.

    I know a couple Samantha’s in their 20’s and it works fine, sometimes we call them Sam, but at work they are both known as Samantha.

    There are many great names that work for both.

    Victoria/Tori, Ria, Vicky


  7. Dallas said:

    Classic and old fashion names are my fave. They last forever. At some point, Aiden and Kailey are going to sound really, really dumb.

    I love Katherine, but spelled Catherine. My mom is Catherine Anne, and my sister is Catherine Rose. It’s very beautiful.

  8. Lourdes said:

    Classy & Elegant.

    As they grow older, they will realize a lot of thought was put into their names because it is so sophisticated.

    If you were to name your kid Billy, they would think you had put no thought into it whatsoever, yet William or Guillaume, already sounds so much more nicer. And hey, you can always call them Billy as a nickname.

  9. Natty-Lea said:

    Samantha Katherine would be a nice first and middle name. It’s probably better to avoid using the older sounding names as a first name as they can be embarrassing at school. Samantha would blend in more. I think it’s a nice name for any age. 🙂

  10. Brooklyn&&Love said:

    A mix, something that you can take a nickname from that sounds younger, then when shes older call her by her full name.

  11. ♥ ♥ Mrs. Edward Cullen ♥ ♥ {AM} said:

    It depends… I really like Selena… does that age well?????

  12. God said:

    Definitely something classic that sounds older! We are adults most of our lives, and it just seems silly to give kids cutesy names – they’ll all be adults one day.

  13. Luchea said:

    Classy, fad names are annoying.

  14. JessMax + Twins said:

    I think naming a child a name that sounds younger is a better way for me, just because i think any name ages well no matter what, basically i think whatever u name a baby will sound fine at any age, whereas there’s some names that don’t sound right on babies and lil kids, or to me anyways, and they may sound ok on older kids and teens, but alot don’t sound right til they are adults.

    But basically it depends on the person and what is right for them, there isn’t any best way for everyone.

    Plus i don’t think of the name Samantha as a name that is younger and doesn’t age well, it’smy mom’s name and it suits her great, and to me that sounds better on an older child, teen, and adult, but it’s still cute for a baby or lil kid.

    Hope this helps, :D.

  15. [tila] said:

    Elegant and classy names tend to be timeless, so definitely one like Katherine or Elizabeth, etc.


  16. Draco My Eggo said:

    Well personally i like to go with a name that is age defiant. But if you dont like any, then why not a classic name that has a younger more modern nick name. Elizabeth can be Libby or Ellie until she is too old for the name. Samantha can be Sammi or Sam until she is too old for the name.

  17. J. ℓ ō v ĕ™ said:


  18. Beautiful rose RANA said:

    Samantha doesnt sound “young” to me. I think you should go with the younger sounding names. The older ones are so outdated and are names that our grandmothers have.


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