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What internet sites are blocked at your school?

I’m at school at the moment and this is really the only bareable site that you can go on.

My Q is, What country are you from (I’m from Australia), and does your school have blocked sites? We can’t even get on to google images.
I can’t get onto Facebook, twitter, youtube or anything like that either. I can go onto Wikipedia though.

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23 Responses to “What internet sites are blocked at your school?”

  1. Agent Razor said :

    US – facebook and youtube (it sucks, only thing worth going to)

  2. øρρøṡïτεṡ αττɾαсτ♥ said :

    all the cool sites. yeah google images is blocked for us too. So is haha are teacher told us to go on that in sixth grade and it was blocked. lololol

  3. yiota (Cavs Fan Forever) said :

    Well, I’m in college. So I can access many things. Lolz..I’m not talking porno sites here, people.

    In high school, Facebook, Myspace, Google Images (the usual) were blocked.

  4. Nicole Adams said :

    Anything with the word porn,sex, or of that nature
    I dont know but a lot

  5. Schrödinger's Cat said :

    Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, any gaming sites, porn sites

    BQ: U.S of A

  6. Blair I said :

    Canada: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and deviantArt. Which is stupid.

  7. Me said :

    UK – Facebook, Bebo, Myspace, Yahoo answers, google etc etc

  8. Music Freak said :

    I’m from USA and Facebook, Youtube is blocked -___-
    And we can’t get on google images either!!!;_ylt=ApfL_T0pke6At4NILEf1nX.tDH1G;_ylv=3?qid=20101021162832AApFzyZ

  9. JacobB said :

    Here are most popular sites that are blocked at my school:
    Youtube, facebook, myspace, most music and download site, and more like that.

  10. мαяιѕα αℓєxιѕ ツ said :

    Nothings blocked, but everything is very supervised. Theres a main computer in each computer room where the teacher can see and record everything, so if they see your on any site that’s not school related they get pissed.
    I’m from Canada:)

  11. SiMpLyTrUtHfUl *LOVE LIKE WOE said :

    F*cking Facebook and Youtube. >.>

  12. Fox! said :

    •Wikipedia (my school won’t let us use that site…dumb, huh?)
    •This site
    •Porn, drugs, casinos, etc.
    I’m in the US.

  13. jhiyjihjyithjo said :

    Im from the us and basically everything semi-entertaining is blocked; youtube,facebook,myspace etc.

  14. A Girl. said :

    Games, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Y! Answers.

    They didn’t even block blue waffle, special fried rice or 2 girl 1 cup.

  15. te quiero mucho babii said :

    USA!(: my school blocks EVERYTHING. Google images is also blocked for me. Your lucky you can get on yahoo answers because it is blocked for me. youtube, facebook, myspace, bebo, stuff like that. And a bunch of other random stuff

  16. Mike Judd said :

    this site (all forum sites) sites with violence, or sex. When we came back to school this year, youtube wasn’t blocked. However, me and my friend were looking up turtles getting shot, and the next day youtube was banned 🙁

  17. мɑrgɑυχ ツ™ said :


  18. Hey DJ Play My Song said :


    and shopping sites. youtube is open as well as yahoo answers so i go on there all the time!

    but i go on facebook in study hall I know how to hack it!

    for those of you who go on a school wifi secured network

    on the address bar that http://

    put an “S” after the “P” so it looks like this:

    thats how i hack it see if it works for you!

  19. Lauren said :


  20. r a c h e l said :

    A lot. Facebook, YouTube, Myspace, lots of game/wallpaper sites…

    I live in the US.

  21. horselover359 said :

    mostly game sites. Like miniclip and addictinggames. They also blocked Facebook, myspace, and twitter. ugh,.

  22. BUZZ! said :

    Youtube, myspace, Twitter, urbandictionary, facebook, formspring. I live in the US

  23. Ira Mellema said :

    An intelligent answer – no BS – which makes the pleaasnt change.


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