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What im getting my bf for valentines day gd idea?

i have been with my bf for a year and 6 months now, ive thought of buying him a mug saying our names then together forever, there willlaso be a picture of us in a heart, do you think its a gd idea or lame?

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4 Responses to “What im getting my bf for valentines day gd idea?”

  1. Jessica said:

    that is super cute and a great idea
    if he’s a coffee drinker it perfect if not try the exact same thing but on a t shirt (:

  2. vampy123 said:

    i think that is a good idea

  3. redmustang500 said:

    I think that’s a good idea but you have been together for a year and half now and i think you should take him out to dinner or out to a movie or even to the beach or the park just you and him. i would go with the beach its more romantic:) and while your either at the movies or at dinner make out with him. And when you get to a second year together get t-shirts with both of your pictures on it. He will
    love you for it! Later

  4. Aaron said:

    dont listen to jessica. she is not a guy.

    thats a great gift for a girl. if you gave it to him he would pretend to like it, but deep down hed like a subscription to a car/sports/gun/girlie magazine. or something he could use. like a pocketknife or leatherman. or maybe a gift card to a sporting goods store. TRUST ME!!!! you get him something he can use and he’ll be like “wow this is awesome! wait, no. baby YOU are awesome! I love you!”



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