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What if your Valentine suggested McDonalds for your lunch date?

Mine totally did. He wants to go because of the indoor playground. I don’t wanna say no, because he will throw a temper tantrum and bite me, probably. I’m thinking about telling him that we can’t be Valentines but I don’t wanna break his heart, I’m his first Valentines date EVER.

Poll: McDonalds or a soup kitchen?

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38 Responses to “What if your Valentine suggested McDonalds for your lunch date?”

  1. ninja warrior said:

    i’d be up for it b/c i love mickey d’s and well i’m a simple girl, so i’m easy.

  2. Ask A Black Guy said:

    my kind of woman……at least she’s not breaking my bank and there’s no need to tip……McDonalds is a great place for a date……..along with KFC

  3. ☼nicole☼ said:


  4. Luke 6:37 said:

    Is he 5 or something?

    Hey, it will be less crowded, go for it!

  5. Jay got a new IP said:

    its a little classy for you isnt it?

  6. ñåÐå vðñ †ê§§ê said:

    He better let you have his happy meal toy or it is SOOO over

  7. ~Mrs. Sparkler~ said:

    McDonalds. It’s where I took my nephew….because of the play ground. haha.

  8. Zombie Cat said:

    Is your Valentine 4? I’d totally go. I’d just be glad to have a Valentine. And one who isn’t so snooty she would avoid a fast food joint.

  9. Deonism said:

    I like McNuggets ya’ll!

  10. cstrait37 said:

    Mickey D’s ALL THE WAY. They don’t call it a HAPPY MEAL for nothing…

    AND, perhaps the “Hamburglar” can make a suprise visit when you are done in the parking lot…

  11. ompelle said:

    Buy him an apple pie and suck it up.

  12. Dawna L said:

    lol My valentine is eating dinner from a pick 3 chicken bucket I bought at Walmart Supercenter, with cole slaw and macaroni salad. However, if he would like to go to McDonalds or Soup Kitchen, he’s perfectly welcome to. Either way, I’m not cooking. It’s valentines day for me too.

    My Valentine’s are hubby and son. me and the little guy (now 8) used to go to Burger King for a valentine’s date every year just the two of us. I wanted him to have a special time like his mom and dad did. Don’t break that boys heart. He’ll base all future women choices on you.

  13. Kevin Part III said:

    i know you are talking about kid you watch but i would react the same way… but i might take off my pants and running around with twirling them around my head screaming ” Death to the Bourgeoisie!”

    a thumbs down?! must be a member of the Bourgeoisie.

  14. alexis said:


  15. steven e said:

    tell them to go without me.

  16. Hehehe said:

    If he’s paying McDonalds
    if you’re paying soup kitchen

  17. Princess Precious said:

    if a guy asked me to macdonalds i would give him a rite slap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. amandamarie692 said:

    Is he 5.

  19. Pelirosa said:

    Well, I just had McDonalls for breakfast, and it was kinda fun… don’t deny yourself the experience of sharing moments with someone, the place doesn’t really matter…

  20. roddawg said:

    damn that’s fancy taking someone to McDonald’s they must really like you go for it

  21. Mdewaddic said:

    wow.. say no, McDonalds is not exactly a romantic place to eat, tell him to take you to a nice place or nogo.

  22. Monkster said:

    Then they would be completely on their own – never eat that muck! EVER!!

  23. Smiley said:

    neither one. i would prefer some soft music, candles, and a steak dinner homemade, nice hot bath together and after that some slow loving from the back. if you all agree give me a thumbs up.

  24. Irish AJ said:

    Do McDonalds and bring your scraps to the soup kitchen, don’t be selfish.

  25. alexx1836 said:
  26. ßaߥ Goa† said:

    McDonalds is only ok if he let’s you get the Extra Value Meal and a sundae

    the playground is excellent, pick up an extra case of hepatitis from the ballpit while you’re there☺ it’s a surprise gifty

  27. mangomiata said:

    Well, if my Valentine suggested McDonald’s, I would graciously accept the invitation and smile…it’s probably all he could afford and that would be just fine with me. I would have to GO BIG and order a Hot Apple Pie, though, to cap off such an wonderful date. ^_^

    Happy V-Day.

    Sandy :O)

  28. svmainus said:

    He’s trying to kill you if he wants you to go to McDonalds!
    I wouldn’t believe that playground alibi.

    I’d go with the soup kitchen (or out with somebody else instead) lol

  29. Valkyrie said:

    Hmmm……those cinnabites are awful yummy no matter if you like McDs or not. You can almost FEEL your butt get bigger as you eat them.

    The people at the soup kitchen are generally more sophisticated, but I’m gonna go with McDs

  30. Bobbie S said:


    Isn’t it a day to spend time with your loved one and just be together?

    Go to Mc D’s and ahve a good time!

  31. Itachi Uchiha (luvs yaoi) said:

    umm if my valentine suggested that i’d beat his @$$

  32. kcguy said:

    I sure as hell wouldn’t order off the dollar menu, lol… j/k… kIt shouldn’t be all about where you go… Granted, I could think of some places I would rather be, but as long as you enjoy each other’s company today, that’s what really matters. Enjoy your quarter-pounder with cheese, and then make this a Valentine’s Day to remember! ♥

  33. *^JAMMED UPT*%$# said:

    Micky Dees all the way…… you’ll have a ball

  34. NEILISA said:

    get him a happy meal.. get him McD toys too.. he’ll love it and will love you more as his first valentine’s date.. lol..

  35. angelbaby said:

    Is your date 3 yrs old like mine?! LOL I’d have nothing wrong with Mickey D’s.

  36. Blue Charlie said:

    r u gonna share that happy meal or do u get 1 each?

  37. Toad the line said:

    Tell her
    She threw a tntrum, put on time out

    Soup kitchen

  38. roadkill said:

    take the short bus, have him wear his helmut


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