What food can you eat to help produce more milk with breastfeeding?

My son is almost 2 months old and I am breast feeding him… Sometimes its as if Im not producing enough milk for him b-c he wants to eat ALL the time or is latching on but letting go b-c he isn’t getting anything or barely anything at all… When he ate only every 4 or 5 hours there was no problem, not Im having trouble keeping his belly full and satasfied… Any ideas?

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9 Responses to “What food can you eat to help produce more milk with breastfeeding?”

  1. ☆ Mommy of One ☆ said:

    Drink lots of water.
    I’ve also heard that drinking 1 dark beer will get your supply up?

  2. Kendi said:

    hey, the more he pulls the more milk will be produced. keep well hydrated – with water that is. heaps of it. persistance is the key.. and as i said, the more he feeds, the more milk will be produced…

    hey congrats by the way

    xo kendi

  3. Echo said:

    Eat rice and vegetables. Green leafy vegetables soup is best for you.

  4. 27 Weeks with Baby Boy! said:

    Do you know if you have a La Leche League meeting in your area?

    My friend is a leader and they are a WEALTH of knowledge. She was absolutely wonderful when I was having problems breastfeeding with my last baby.

    The best part is that it’s free!! I’d highly recommend getting in touch with them since you can just call a leader and/email her whenever you need to.

    LLL Leaders have to have breastfed their own children as well, so they have personal experience.

    I agree with the gal above me, a beer should be helpful and LOTS and LOTS of water.

    Best wishes!

  5. Beth S said:

    Try fenugeek. It is an herbal supplement that you can get in tea form that naturally boost milk production. Many people also swear oatmeal does as well. And stay hydrated!

    If you really notice your supply dropping see your OB as he/she can prescribe one of several medicines that also boost supply.

  6. Jill C said:

    Drink rootbeer and eat oatmeal. And do what the other posters suggetsed; nurse often, drink lots of water, drink 1 beer, fenugreek and consult the LLL.

  7. mago said:

    its more about the fluids you consume, not the solid food…drink lots…water, juice, milk…of course do eat healthy meals too!

  8. Hot Velma said:

    He is probably going thru a growth spurt right now, so technically, you are not producing enough. However, like they said above, the more you let him nurse, the more your body will adjust, so don’t worry. Just get as much rest as you can, drink lots of fluids, and keep taking your pre-nats. You’ll catch up in less than a week. 🙂

  9. adria said:

    Fenugreek and oatmeal works. You know the Fenugreek is working when you start to smell like maple syrup. You need to take like 6 a day though. Also drink lots of water. I’ve also heard that something in beer makes you produce more. Don’t know about the beer though.


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