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What family planning methods did you use after your first baby?

What type of family planning method did you use after you had your first baby. After being on the pill and going off for a while because you wanted to get pregnant, and then you finally got pregnant, what methods of birth control should/would/did you chose after having the baby? How long should you wait to have another baby?

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8 Responses to “What family planning methods did you use after your first baby?”

  1. Melissa said :

    I went off the pill for 3 months before I tried for my daughter. We used condoms during that time. I didn’t get my period back until I weaned my daughter at 12 months old, we used condoms for that year. It’s recommended that you wait at least 6 months, preferably 12 months, before conceiving again after giving birth.

  2. Roslynn said :

    I can’t take birth control because my body can’t have the hormones. So we were pretty sporadic with condoms for a while, but they are not for us either. So we use abstain for longer periods and then judge when my cycle would be.

    The soonest I have had pregnancy after ending one was 3 months. The longest inbetween was about 15 or so months.

  3. Miki said :

    I breastfeed exclusively for six months and let nature take its corse. they are 2years apart =)

  4. Andrea Z said :

    I was not on the pill before I got pregnant with my first child, my husband and I had used condoms. After I had my son I got the depo shot. It worked well, I didn’t get any periods and didn’t get pregnant either. I went off the depo when my son was about 18 or 19 months old, but was not able to get pregnant again until he was 3 yrs old. After I had my daughter I have not gone on any birth control, once again my husband and I use condoms. My kids are 7 and 3. I like the almost 4 yrs apart in age with my kids. I want another child now, but hubby wants to wait which is fine with me. You really shouldn’t get pregnant too soon after having your child, it is very hard on your body. And breast feeding is NOT a reliable form of birth control, I have a friend who had a baby in Jan, then one again in Dec of the same year. All because she belived that if she was breast feeding she could not get pregnant. Good Luck!!!

  5. donttellme said :

    Two years is often recommended for your body and your kids. Some feel like waiting til the first can go to nursery school or even kindergarten first so there will be less hassle of having 2 in daycare at one. If you plan on having kids very close together then don’t feel too pressured you could use condoms and or diaphragm and hope for the best. The more consistently they are used the more chance of not getting pregnant but reality is that couples “forget” or feel it’s too much hassle at the time. So if you know you are one of those couples and need at least 2 years to regroup after becoming parents, it would be wise to use a more reliable method if medically possible like pills/patches/shots,IUD’s. This is purely a personal choice but just as a warning that the other more”natural” barrier methods are needing more commitment to be reliable and still can fail.The hormonal/medicines are also not fail-proof but if used regularly can be less hassle. Except for daily pill taking the other medicines/IUD etc can also be more reliable when you tend to be forgetful. So check it out w your doctor or nurse and see what will work best for you. Never ever use breastfeeding as a “birth control method” unless you need to get pregnant quickly. Too many too quickly can be stressful to you,child and marriage.

  6. just_a_fat_chick_9669 said :

    Never fail method DONT HAVE SEX….

  7. mush said :

    keep your pants up, is a sure way.

  8. dragonfly said :

    Since I’m a heart patient I can only use one method,condoms. I’ve only got one child,and too old to have another one. The man I’m engaged to is fixed,lol,thank God.


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