What exactly is an echo on a pregnancy ultrasound?

I had an ultrasound at 20 weeks and just recently my hubby and I were looking at the photo and saw another face when looking at the sex of our baby. Could this be an echo in the sonogram? I am now 36 weeks and I am pretty sure the docs would have detected another baby by now. Just curious.

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3 Responses to “What exactly is an echo on a pregnancy ultrasound?”

  1. mother of 6 last was twins said:

    you never know my mother in law had twins and hers were on top of each other the whole time good luck to you

  2. BabyAnthony 09/29/09 :) said:

    it could just be the position of the baby in there. you would be surprised at the wierd and twisted positions they get themselves into!! you could be looking at a leg and see the baby’s face in the same pic!

  3. Mommy said:

    oh yes, they would have detected and they would have informed you long back. the treatment that you would get also would have been according to that in case you had two babies, but if in doubt, go ahead and ask your doctor. clear your doubts just in case everyone is taking for granted that you know.


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