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What does a man want for Valentine’s Day?

I’ve bought the Valentine card but need some more suggestions. He is 60 years old so I’m asking the question in this category. I’m sure you all will have some great ideas to share.

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20 Responses to “What does a man want for Valentine’s Day?”

  1. jonds said:

    I want for it to be over.

  2. Ret. Sgt. said:

    My wife gives our son a little cash and gives our daughter some clothing. I don’t ask for anything and really cant remember getting something for that . However, I if bought my wife I nice negligee then it is really a gift for me.

    However, my wife’s birthday is also that same day so I get by with just one gift. ( Tried to find someone born on Christmas, but they were all taken)

  3. dreamland 2^[]^2 angel said:


  4. !truth! said:

    At this age as a senior, nothing out of the ordinary.

  5. jd said:

    I hate having it forced on me but here it comes. I rather be left alone. I don’t believe in Saints. Or some guy in pink tights called Valentine. We hug and kiss kiss a lot . Why a special day?

  6. SueyN said:

    They want sex. This is a no brain-er question.

  7. admin said:

    i want some chocolate

  8. Grampedo said:

    Make him his favourite dessert. When you serve it to him, tell him you love him.
    Make sure you get his name right !!

  9. Katie M said:

    Besides the obvious (sex), over the years I have learned the way to my husbands heart is through his stomach. I’m gonna fix him a big rib eye steak for dinner, mud pie for dessert. They’re both his favorites. I just hope his ticker can take it!

  10. Jeffguy said:

    A steak dinner served by you in a French Maids Outfit!

  11. ConansOwner said:

    How about some afternoon delight? Most of us are too tired in the evening for anything other than a little wine & a good meal. The backrub & blowing in the ear in the afternoon helps too but keep the nitrotabs close by..

  12. Iamme said:

    Well, you know what Rosanne (?) used to say, the way to a man’s heart is a sharp knife. Just kidding.
    Everyone says men want only one thing, but I bet they would like a nice dinner first.

  13. john said:

    A slender intelligent female who has a home full of cats.

  14. Poppy said:

    I get the usual card and a box of candy because Valentines day is the only time he will eat chocolate candy. Through the rest of the year he won’t touch it, even though he loves chocolate. I also will cook fried squash as part of his dinner because that is a favorite vegetable of his and I don’t cook it often. Poppy

  15. Aunt Joanie said:

    Mine is taking me out for a steak dinner, and after that I will give him whatever he wants. By the way, men of a certain age (and mine is 61) just LOVE pretty lingerie–so buy that lacy gown that
    shows a lot of “the girls”, and a sexy card and show him you love him. I learned that pretty late
    in life, but boy, is it worth it!

  16. J0§éCatalà said:


  17. E-ma said:

    Unconditional power over the TV remote control.

    No one else is allowed to look in his direction.
    No one may say, “Hold on, let me see the end of this show.”
    No one may ask him to flash back to the last program.
    No one may ask him to interrupt the view w/ picture in picture.
    No one can ask to view the channel guide to see when their show starts.

    And sit there and cuddle with him like it’s your favorite program in the world.
    He needs access to you during commercials to get his snack, “play,” answer the phone, etc.

  18. Sew What? said:

    He wants a Boston Cream Pie.

    He’s also getting a silly monkey that sings Sugar Pie Honey Bunch. We used to dance to it when we were kids. He’s gonna love it.

  19. Bonnie said:

    Every Valentine’s Day I do the same thing. I write my husband a beautiful love letter and prepare him a special dinner. He has saved all my letters over the years and looks forward to receiving one every holiday. My letter contains my thoughts on the last year and all the things we did together. I express my love for him and thank him for all the special things he does for me. He loves it when I let him know what he means to me and I really lay it on thick. My husband is 77 years old but is very active and loving. He can keep up with a 50 year old with no problem. So, we can still enjoy a romantic meal, some romantic words and then, who knows ?

  20. morgan o said:

    A bottle of JIM BEAM
    My dog
    a good fishing hole


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