What do you think is an appropriate Christmas gift for child provider?

My daughter is 7 months old and she has been with her current child care provider for about 2 months. She runs an in-home day care and is absolutely awesome! She is also a mother of 2 school age children. We are on a TIGHT budget. What do you think is an appropriate amount to spend in this situation? Gift ideas?

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7 Responses to “What do you think is an appropriate Christmas gift for child provider?”

  1. Izzy's Mom said:

    I think:
    Gift card
    Spa basket from Bath and Body Works (Find a coupon!)
    Bake something delicious and wrap/present it nicely
    Buy a mug from the $1 store, hot cocoa and some cellophane wrap and wrap/present it nicely. This would cause less than $5 and look really nice.

    In this situation I would not spend more than $10, $15 MAX! Keep in mind than you can make VERY cheap items look expensive just by how you present it!

    Good Luck!

  2. Adrian Almando said:

    Nothing. Her gift should be her paycheck -_-

  3. Mommy of 5 said:

    Maybe some toys or book for her to be able to keep the children entertained?

    You can get tons of used books at goodwill.

    If you would like to do something else you could get her a gift card to a local restaurant.

  4. 4Red said:

    I delivered some sides and desserts for her Christmas dinner. She had a ton of family coming and I knew she could use all the help she could get with putting the meal together. It was a crazy time for her…trying to clean the house for visitors and last minute shopping. She appreciated it and it didn’t really cost that much for me to do.

  5. Andrea said:

    Cookies and candy in a tin.

  6. jayne said:

    I am a Family Childcare Provider and I love the simple things for gifts. A nice letter telling your Provider how much you appreciate her hard work and how much your daughter loves her would be WONDERFUL. Simple and heartfelt and it won’t cost you a penny!!. She will probably keep it forever. If you absolutely want to get her something…maybe a gift card to a book store or coffee shop.

  7. Bertha Nicholas said:

    an exquisite card would be fine, or some lovely toy are also quite good choice.


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