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What do you do when you baby sit for 5 days and need to give the 11 year old girl a bath?

Her parents are going out in 3 more days for 5 days, I’ve already met Cassandra, the 11 year old and the parents want me to examine her body every 24 hours before bathtime, and she said that when i was meeting Cassandra and she seemed to protest with an embarrassed face. She wants me to check to make sure she is skin-disease free. More details:

Cassandra is 11 I am 18
We are both female.

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8 Responses to “What do you do when you baby sit for 5 days and need to give the 11 year old girl a bath?”

  1. Marissa C said:

    That seems a bit extreme. I’d say skip the inspection. An 11 year old knows how to bathe herself, there’s no need to check her before or after.

    And how exactly do you check skin for diseases? There are diseases that can live in the skin cells and are not visible to the naked eye.

  2. kroos20 said:

    huh?? i hope this is a joke

  3. Alyssa's mommy said:


    I had a fantasy that I found a $100 rebate check from the doctor in my mail box, but neither of us will have our dreams come true.

  4. Rebecca said:

    I highly suspect that you are a troll.

  5. Kat H said:

    11 year olds know how to bathe themselves. No examining would happen if I was the babysitter.

  6. Erin H said:

    Either your a troll or the parents are weirdos and need to be reported to protective services.

  7. Natalie C said:

    she can bathe heself.

  8. xfilesfan said:

    This really sounds fishy. First of all, why would any parent be so paranoid about skin diseases? Second, an 11 year old is perfectly capable of bathing herself AND examining herself if absolutely necessary (like if she’s immunocompromised or otherwise more susceptible to infection). Third, you’re name is Tyler. I strongly suspect that you are a guy being perverted.


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