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What do you do when some one does not accept a card,gift, and candy that you give them for Valentine’s day?

I went to the place where the person works and wanted to give him the candy, a gift, and a card for Valentine’s day last week and he would not accept it. He said that it is inappropiate to give at a office. When I went back to the place later in the afternoon that day where the person works he took it out of his mailbox and put it on the floor next to the desk by the secretary. When I got there it was on the floor by the secretary’s desk and that hurt me so much and upset me very much also.
He also said that he is in a relationship with his fiancee.

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13 Responses to “What do you do when some one does not accept a card,gift, and candy that you give them for Valentine’s day?”

  1. defragmentedbrain said:

    eat the candy and enjoy

  2. dark girl said:

    I’m sorry to hear that – it must have been very hurtful. Clearly this person is not interested in you, sorry to say. However, at least you know now that they are not so nice and you are better off without someone like that. Really. I hope you get over them sooner rather than later and that you meet someone who will appreciate your thoughtfulness.x

  3. breezy said:

    It wasn’t appropriate to take that to his work. You embarrased him.

  4. Paul C said:

    find someone that’s not an asshole. if you were kind enough to give him a gift that he doesn’t appreciate then he’s not worth you. he’ll end up with some slut (excuse my french) and will be unhappy because he’ll later realise, when it’s too late i might add, that he never accepted you

  5. David W said:

    you’re a serious stalker trying to hear what you want and paint this picture as though your a victim in this ordeal. why didn’t you mention on this question that the guy is engaged? seriously go see a shrink you need help.

  6. Tim P said:

    thats because he has another women and they know it at the office so he saw you coming with gifts and candy and played stupid.

  7. Faheem said:

    When he says he is not interested in you, you can’t force your relationship on him.. And you also say, he’s engaged.. So, where do you stand a chance?? So, go ahead, find someone else….

  8. jamaicaladydread said:

    Did you tell him that you were just giving him a gift as in a show of frienship maybe he misinterpret the items you gave him and did you also let him know that what he did by placing the items you gave him on the floor by the secretary’s desk really hurted you.

  9. KATIE M said:

    Ok I see that you were trying to be nice and give this guy some goods but he is engaged so maybe he thought that if he would of brought that stuff home his girl might flip out on him and think he is cheating or something. His problem might not even be you at all. He is in love. Just laugh it off.

  10. x hollister x said:


    its okay..there are other guys out there..

  11. R O said:

    keep the card, eat the candy, return the gift. hope you didn’t give them to someone else. that would be so wrong.

  12. shainamarie20 said:

    If he would not accept it the first time and told you he felt it inappropriate, why on earth would you disregard that and put it in his mailbox at work anyway? Or if you gave it to him earlier and he put it in his mailbox, why would you go back to his place of employment later on? And if he is engaged, why are you trying to seduce him with gifts and candy on Valentines’ Day? That just tells him that you’re looking to ruin his relationship. If the Valentine’s Days’ gifts’ were a sign of just friendship on your part, a card would have been sufficient. But a card, candy and a gift just says that you are looking for much more than a friendship from this guy.

  13. [email protected] said:

    well for one thing why are you giving this guy valentine gifts if he is engaged? and why would he take them home if his fiance could find them.think about it. you must be a really young girl….


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