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What causes me to not ovulate and possible fixes?

I am 22 and have only ovulated once in the past 6 months. My doctor doesn’t believe me because my cycles fall 20 – 38 days apart, but varies greatly all the time. I take my bbt every morning and have not gotten above 97.5 (norm is 96.8-97.2).
We are trying to conceive a child and obviously not ovulating is really hindering our attempts. I am a little overweight but not obese. We walk our two toy dogs about an hour a day, not too strenuos.
What are some reasons I may not be ovulating and what are some remedies?
No thyroid problems…had that checked 2 months ago with my yearly physical.

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3 Responses to “What causes me to not ovulate and possible fixes?”

  1. jilldaniel_wv said:

    Eventhough your chart may not show ovulation you may still be ovulating. Charting isn’t 100% accurate. It really sounds like you have a thyroid problem–hypothyroidism.

  2. martine_sf said:

    First off don’t assume your not ovulating. If you have a period between the normal range of days, even if it is not the same amount of days every month, you still ovulate. The temperature thing doesn’t work for everybody, mine rarely changed. If you have followed all the Doctor’s instructions for getting pregnant, it could take up to a year. If after trying for a year you are not pregnant, then go back and have tests done, on him and you.
    After I had my first child, it took us 6 years to get pregnant again. Turns out I actually ovulate before the doctor said I did.
    Also, if you obsess over it, it will not happen.

    Good luck and try to be patient.

  3. Shanu said:

    You could have PCOS. Polycystic ovary syndrome. Try surfing the website:


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