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What are you single people doing on Saturday night(which is valentines day, by the way)?

Are you going to stay home and mope around? maybe look at adult material on the internet?

Or are you going to say screw it, put on your favorite shirt, & out with all the happy people who are celebrating their deep love for each other…and just make the best of it?
I too am single.

I feel all of your pain. Let’s pull together in these tough times.

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16 Responses to “What are you single people doing on Saturday night(which is valentines day, by the way)?”

  1. ツAll Night Raves R The Best said:

    Its just another day for me

  2. spяєa∂ ℓσvє ℓιкє vισleиcє™ said:

    stuff my face with chocolate and love myself!

  3. [email protected] said:

    Taking the wife to dinner then home for some icecreem and

  4. Mahøgany said:

    i’m going to be at a waterpark.

  5. Krissy said:

    Watch TV and chat with friends

  6. Allow Me To Introduce Myselves said:

    Are you mocking us?

    How dare you!

    I hate valentines day,but mainly because it’s one of those useless holidays where I know everyone is getting laid but me.

    I like being single,hmph.

  7. ☆DaddY★ ✖Yankee✖ Is AdOrAbLe said:

    do wat i do every valentine day..

    wat am i going to mope around 4?
    i’m proud to be single. phuck ppl

  8. XoXo said:

    im going out with my friends 🙂

  9. Jazzy Is Boycotting V-day said:

    Im just gonna go to town with my friends and maybe watch a movie- very chill
    Besides- Single= No drama.

  10. Veronica H said:

    kiss my dog passionately

  11. Hillary R said:

    february 14th is just another day to be alone

  12. GjallarhornWillSound said:

    I’ll probably spend the weekend catching up on guitar practice.

  13. Mixed F said:

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  14. ♫☆ Anouk the Chesire Grin♫☆ said:

    it’s just another day

  15. Laura said:

    going to a dinner party with close single friends, having drinks and then going to the club to dance. should be fun!

  16. Kenzie <3's u! said:

    Yeah, im just gonna stay home and play basketball on my mini b-ball hoop! haha


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