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What are those places called where you get married instantly?

I think I saw it on a movie once, and in Friends…like a place where you just go, and you can get married straight away without months of planning.

What are they called and how do they work? (I need it for a story I’m writing) Thanks in advance!

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7 Responses to “What are those places called where you get married instantly?”

  1. reanne said:

    like a JP??? or you can get married at the courthouse.

  2. Slightly Ravenous said:

    The courthouse or a quickie chapel in a place like Vegas.

  3. Katie H said:

    A Courthouse

  4. Lady Wheaton said:

    courthouse or vegas

  5. sillywhisper said:

    Well you could google drive through wedding chapels in Vegas. I understand you don’t need any preparation at all for those and they are over in a couple minutes.

  6. Lisa said:

    Wedding Chapel

  7. Martha J said:

    Justice of the peace or the courthouse.


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