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What are the signs of going into labour?

I wanted to know from people that have been through it because I’ve been reading it in books and on websites and I just wanted to know what to look out for? Although I know it’s different for different women.

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3 Responses to “What are the signs of going into labour?”

  1. j4!s_M4M4 said :

    contractions, pelvic pressure, your water may break, you may bleed a little. you’ll know =]

  2. ★Mandy(Mom of TWINS + 2 More!!)★ said :

    I had twins 6 weeks ago.
    My signs were:
    Lots of pelvic pressure — so much that it was painful to walk
    Contractions — mine were about 2 minutes apart..they so to go when they are 5 though.

  3. Lauren E said :

    At first you may have mild cramps and you will feel pretty uncomfortable. Mild contractions begin at 15-20 minutes apart, they last 60-90 seconds. They soon become more intense and are 3 minutes apart and last 45 seconds. They are more painful. You will then feel nauseous and get the sweats and chills.


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