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What are the reasons some people are waiting to vaccinate their babies?

I have heard many people waiting until their child is two years old to get vaccinated. Or some people will only get their child vaccinated with specific ones. Why is this? I have been hearing a lot lately about some of the negative effects of vaccinating too early. My daughter has had her first set of shots already and after hearing about this I am trying to look into this a little more. Are there any shots that are unneccessary as well?

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14 Responses to “What are the reasons some people are waiting to vaccinate their babies?”

  1. Marge Innovera said :

    In 1990, vets started noticing something strange about the pets they were vaccinating. As the number of required vaccinations increased, more and more animals were developing a condition known as vaccinosis. This mainly presented itself in the form of neurological disorders. It was discovered that the preservatives in the vaccines were causing this. Vaccines are preserved with mercury and other toxins. These harmful ingredients were removed from pet vaccinations, but strangely are still included in human vaccinations. As the number of vaccinations we give our children have increased so have instances of autism and ADHD. Today, children on average, receive over 30 vaccinations. The total amount of mercury in all of these vaccinations combined are enough to poison a 200 pound adult. Although the makers of these vaccinations deny that their vaccines could be harmful, there have been independent studies done that imply otherwise. As a parent, always weigh the risks and benefits of everything that is put into your childs body. Nobody is implying not to vaccinate your child at all, just be certain that you are making informed decisions.
    Edit: thimerosal which is 49% mercury, is still in human vaccines, but is no longer used in pet vaccinations. Russia banned thimerosal from children’s vaccines in 1980. Denmark, Austria, Japan, Great Britain and all the Scandinavian countries have also banned the preservative.

  2. Teeny Beeny said :

    Some people don’t vaccinate because of the risk of injury from vaccines. The risks are generally mild and include fever, cold/flu symptoms, and a skin rash within a couple days of receiving the shots.

    Others are opposed to some of the ingredients in the vaccines, or their children may have allergies. Some vaccines contain dairy enzymes.

    Some people also believe certain vaccines (most notably the MMR vaccine, typically given at 12 months) may cause autism. The link between vaccines and autism has been disproved countless times, however, and no medical professional actually believes there is a link.

    Many would argue the flu and chicken pox vaccines are “unnecessary,” as those illnesses are not generally life threatening.

  3. Lauren said :

    Jenny McCarthy claims it causes autism. My doctor didn’t really give me a choice and acted like I was killing my baby for even thinking about not vaccinating.

  4. mrs.mummy said :

    OMG Marge – the vaccines don’t have mercury in them anymore,the vaccinations come from “single dose vials.” The mercury (thimerosol) was used as a preservative in multi-dose vials, but these have been largely phased out exception of influenza vaccine – which is the only one my child doesnt have. Further, there is no proof anyway, and this area has been extensively studies, that the amount of mercury was enough to hurt children. But to make the public more confident, the vaccines were changed so as to remove even this tiny amount of mercury. Of course, all medications have potential side effects. But on balance, the benefits of the vaccines greatly outweigh any potential side effects. Most anti-vaccination believers claim that the compound thimerosal led to an increase in autism cases. The Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccine is their usual target. However, thimerosal was never used as a preservative in the Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccine. All vaccines licensed since 1999, with the exception of a few multidose container vaccines (such as some, but not all, Influenza vaccines), have not contained thimerosal as a preservative. Autism has not declined since 1999, thereby disproving this connection. Also its kind of been proven your born with autism but the signs dont show until 1year+ so how can a vaccine cause that if theyre born with it…theyre looking into how to test for autism in newborn babies…

  5. cutegal said :

    “forced me to look into the question of vaccination further, and the further I looked the more shocked I became. I found that the whole vaccine business was indeed a gigantic hoax. Most doctors are convinced that they are useful, but if you look at the proper statistics and study the instances of these diseases you will realize that this is not so.”

  6. Not feeling creative said :

    I’m sorry I just had to refute that first answer. Vaccinations do not contain harmful amounts of chemicals or toxins. Studies indicate babies get more mercury their first year from breastmilk than they do from all their vaccinations. Formaldahyde is also found in baby soaps, so it even if there were concrete evidence that it was harmful (there is not) vaccinations should not be the only thing looked at and it is silly to point to them as the only place babies are exposed to formaldahyde.

    I vaccinate on schedule, so I’m can only speculate as to why people don’t vaccinate or delay vaccination. The reasons I can see as legitimate are:
    1. Family history of diseases that compromise the immune system
    2. Previous *severe* reaction to a vaccination

    The reasons I see as illigitimate are:
    1. Concern over supposed toxins in vaccines
    2. Believing a baby’s immune system “can’t handle it all at once” (ridiculous, they get a bigger challenge to their immune system when you give them back a toy that just fell on the floor – it’s GOOD for them to have that challenge to their immune system it makes them healthier)

  7. MT said :

    You ALWAYS have a choice when vaccinating.

    Schools say vaccinations are mandatory, but all states allow for religious exemptions.

    There is no clear proof that vaccinations cause autism, but we don’t know for certain they don’t. There are also other issues for people such as original vaccinations containing fetal material.

    I vaccinated my daughter. I think the chicken pox vaccination is bunk and regret giving it to her. Ironically, when we moved to GA, her doctor said she had to be revaccinated for Chicken Pox because the second dose was given 28 days after the first, and it has to be given 30 days after to be valid. I refused to revaccinate to please some stupid red tape and get lectured every time I file a religious exemption at her school. They view her as completely unvaccinated even though she got ALL the legal vaccines.

    My beef with Varicella (Chicken Pox) is that immunity may wane when the kids become adults, making them more susceptible to Shingles. Chicken Pox is suppose to affect kids, make them uncomfortable and itchy for 5 days, and then be over with.

  8. Kris H said :

    My son is almost 2 years old and has had all his vaccines except chicken pox. He didn’t get the chicken pox vaccine because he already had the actual chicken pox virus so he no longer needed the vaccine. In my opinion it’s better to get all the vaccines than to have a child who comes down with a preventable disease.

  9. Sonya said :

    I have chose not to vaccinate my daughter. My family has a history of auto-immune type disorders and ADHD. And I have a nephew with autism. I just prefer to be on the safe side. I don’t 100% think vaccines cause these type of ailments, but my gut instict is that they can contribute if you have a child who is already susceptible.

    Think smoking & cancer. Just because you smoke doesn’t mean you’ll get cancer. But some people are pre-disposed genetically to get cancer and may increase their chances by smoking.

    I did a lot of research on vaccines before making my decision… and what I discovered is that most of the diseases vaccines proctect from are rare now in the US (mainly due to vaccinations.) The ones that are more common are not usually deadly (like flu, whooping cough, and chickenpox). If your child has a normal, healthy immune system then the likelihood of them dying from one of the vaccine preventable diseases if they were to get them is unlikely.

    I’ve been very lucky to have a doctor who supported my decision. He tried to inform me of the all the pros and cons. And he did recommend my daughter eventually get the MMR – though said he could give it in individual doses.

    When it comes down to it… you just don’t know. Doctors assume there are no harmful side effects because tests haven’t proven it yet. But think about how many times that something “safe” was later shown not to be. I prefer to side with caution.

  10. Irritated Lactivist said :

    Some parents choose to wait a few years to give any shots, since the immune system at 2+ is stronger, though not fully mature until around 6 or 7 years old. Some are selectively vaccinating because they feel some diseases are more of a risk than others. Many parents don’t do the rotavirus, chicken pox or flu shots, for example.

    I don’t vaccinate anymore. My daughter had all the shots up to a year, then I began to do research. I regret blindly trusting my dr and not looking into it before. All parents should look into it thoroughly, and then decide, whether they choose to get all shots, just some, or none at all. It is a totally personal choice we all must make. My daughter will be 3 this fall, hasn’t had a shot since she was about 14 months old, and hasn’t seen a dr since then as well. She’s just the healthiest kid ever! I’m sure breastfeeding until she was 2.5 helped a lot with that. I am pregnant with my second child who will not receive ANY shots at all.

    My top reasons for not vaccinating:
    *The ingredients are repulsive and/or toxic (formaldehyde, thimerosal [still in flu shots as well as used in creating most vaccines, though “washed out” afterwards…], aluminum, borax, phenol, MSG, rabbit brains, monkey kidneys, aborted human fetal tissues….). Injecting them bypasses our bodies’ natural defenses, making it MUCH worse than if we inhaled, ate, or had them applied topically.

    *History actually shows that the diseases we vaccinate against had dropped naturally by 90% before any vaccines were given. Some diseases, like scarlet fever and typhoid, disappeared with NO vaccine being created.

    *There have not been balanced studies done to compare vaccinated and unvaccinated children, nor any that HONESTLY check vaccines for side effects. The bias is clear, and it goes the way of big pharma.
    The fact that they cannot be sued if their shots damage/kill your baby speaks volumes. It’s about a bottom line, not your children’s health.

    *Many of the diseases we currently vaccinate against aren’t that serious. Chicken pox, measles, mumps, rubella, and whooping cough are all normal childhood illnesses that once had provide LIFELONG immunity. Handled properly (ie keeping sick child resting inside, dim lights while a child with measles is having eye sensitivity, a nourishing diet, etc), they are just a part of childhood. Even the malignant infectious diseases like polio, diphtheria, tetanus, etc just need to be properly treated. If my child got any of the above diseases, I’m calm since I have researched how to handle them. It’s also important to keep your child’s immune system strong, so they better handle any illnesses. Full-term breastfeeding, lots of rest, and a nutritious diet all contribute so much to a strong immune system!

    Some great links:

  11. beetlemilk said :

    Not feeling creative is a horrible ill informed answer. Injecting into the bloodstream of an infant with an ill equipped immune system with multiple neurotoxins is not the same as consuming foods that largely stay in the GI tract. That is like saying snorting heroin is no worse than injecting it, well we all know that isn’t true.

    Agree largely with Marge. She is correct, vaccines are loaded with harmful toxins, and yes the thimerisol (ethyl mercury) is still in many,

    think about this 0.3mcg of thimerisol is considered thimerisol free. Really? How much of the 2nd most neurotoxic substance known to man on the planet are you willing to have injected into your newborn’s immature bloodstream? For me, thats a resounding zero.

    though largely removed from the US except flu shots. Aluminum which is another heavy metal that crosses the blood brain barrier and is implicated in many neurological disorders such as alzheimer’s disease, autism and others does exceed FDA allowable injectable solutions which are 25mcg, if following the 36 dose vaccine schedule, a child will receive betw 295mcg-1025mcg. See Dr. Sears, the vaccine book. You can see the decrease of autism by looking at the claims for autism injury which did start dropping dramatically after thimerisol largely came out of most US vaccines in 2002. So you see a drop off after 04-06 when those children largely received the last of the mercury laden vaccines in the US born in 02 and when autism is usually diagnosed by 4 yrs old. And the gov’t agreed by awarding compensation in two autism cases caused by vaccines Banks and Polling.

    If you read the vaccine side effects you will notice that many are directly linked to autism and do fit the criteria in the DSM-IV-TR
    especially this vax reaction:
    or this one

    Many many doctors feel that vaccines cause autism. Ever heard of DAN? (Defeat autism now), how about homeopathy?

    A correlation has been established many times between vaccines and autism as well as numerous other autoimmune disorders (cancer, asthma, allergies, chronic ear infections, diabetes), however a correlation isn’t causal. Before the OPV vax was pulled from the market (2000), it had given over 2.4 mil. people polio

    Why people wait?
    vaccines aren’t weight based, so a 7 lb newborn receives the same dosage as a 30lb 2 year old. This is why in Japan they don’t vaccinate anybody till age 2. And to let the immune system mature some.

    What aren’t necessary if you ask me, all of them.

    Polio and diptheria are considered eradicated in the US (sears)

    tetanus isn’t even communicable, and there is a 24 hour window to get the vax should a risk occur (large puncture wound with a rusty metal object)

    rotateq-doesn’t work, failed to get FDA approved just a few years ago. 90 percent of kids get rotavirus by age 3.

    mumps-90 percent asymptomatic, self limiting, treated at home with tylenol

    flu-not tested yearly, major sideeffects including many neurological brain and tic disorders.

    chicken pox-44 percent effective, 67 percent chance of sideeffects, and no booster putting older people at higher risk for it and shingles

    hpv, hep b-sexually transmitted, preventable
    pneumococcal, is opposed by NVIC for being mandated due to flawed clinical trials, no long term studies done, high aluminum levels

    vaccines that do have some benefit: measles, hib, and pertussis

    micro array testing which tests every 750,000 dna molecules is sensitive enough to pick up subtle differences in up to 30 percent of autism being genetic. Autism is largely caused by injury, environmental (hypoxia at birth), diseases, illnesses, seizures, blunt trauma, vaccines, allergic reactions

    FYI-the US pulled thimerisol out of contact lens solution in 1982. It is still in eardrops, cosmetics, and some antibiotics

  12. Amanda *YWNTBSITH* said :

    Some people are simply irresponsible, therefore they do not vaccinate. Some delay the vaccinations because they don’t like their babies getting them all at once. They feel it is too much for the immune system at one time.

  13. Smart Nurse said :

    While you will ultimately have to make the decision as an INFORMED parent, it might be a good idea to learn as much as you can and question EVERYTHING. Because a doctor may be a doctor longer than you have been alive does not mean that the doctor will make the right decision for YOUR child.

    Children — Vaccines: A must read view

    Considerations YOU have to think about:

    Parents — Consider this food for thought BEFORE you Vaccinate your child.

    I am a responsible parent wishing to have my minor child vaccinated because I think it is in the best interest of my child, and because my doctor and my Government recommended that I should do so.

    I have read ALL available information and studies about the pros and cons of Vaccinations. I have also met with and spoken to parents of Vaccine injured children to learn more about Vaccine Injury and to help me make a more informed decision on if I should vaccinate my own child becasue I fully understand that once injected, there is no turning back.

    As an educated consumer and a responsible parent, I am fully aware of the contents of each vaccine and the consequences each ingredient (both seperated and combined) imposes. I am fully aware that many of these ingredients are neuro toxins as stated by the CDC.

    I know how to recognize seizure activity and I know what to do should my child have a seizure, even though he/she has never had one before.

    I fully understand that a consequence of a Vaccination can be a lifetime of health disorders, chronic illness, Neurological disorders and even death.

    I am prepared to deal with any and all of the consequences should my child have an immediate or delayed reaction to a Vaccination.

    I am financially able and willing to provide 24 hour medical care for my child should he/she become ill from this recommended Vaccine.

    I am financially able and willing to provide 24 hour hands on necessary care for my child.

    I am able and willing to seek out all therapies and pay for them out of my own pocket should my child become injured from a vaccine.

    I am able and willing to take my child back and forth to any and all special education programs, and other necessary appointments.

    I am able and willing to engage in support groups with other more experienced parents who have vaccine injured / disabled children so that I can learn more about the special needs of vaccine injured children and how to better care for my own child.

    I am able and willing to financially support ALL medical and life needs that are NOT covered under insurance or state paid plans.

    I understand that MOST of the needs of a Vaccine Injured child are NOT covered by any insurance or state paid plans.

    I fully understand that neither the doctor or nurse or worker that injected the vaccine or the manufacturer that made the vaccine will be liable for any illnesses, disabilities, injuries or death caused to my child from a vaccine. Furthermore, I understand that even if my child becomes violently ill or dies after the vaccine I will have to PROVE that it was the Vaccine that caused this.

    I am able and willing to purchase all durable goods and medical equipment that my child may need as well as modify my house should my child need to be in a wheel chair.

    I am able and willing to sell anything I have of value to help pay for all the lifelong medical needs for the duration of my childs natural life should it become necessary after I have my child vaccinated.

    If necessary, I will sell my business, my home and any other items of value. I will also make sure that all funds from any inheritances I should receive are left to my child to care for his needs should I die.

    I am able and willing to provide all necessary specific foods and suppliments that may be necessary for my Vaccinated injured child for the duration of his natural life.

    I fully understand that I, as a responsible parent making this serious decision to Vaccinate my child am fully and solely responsible for the outcome and all care which may be necessary for my child and will not hold anyone else responsible for my decision.

  14. pedi said :

    A routine two-dose schedule of pox vaccination of youngsters is currently counseled along side a second-dose catch-up pox vaccination for youngsters, adolescents, and adults United Nations agency antecedently had received only 1 dose. the premise for these changes was: the popularity that vaccinum failures occur once a primary dose; outbreaks of pox had been reportable in populations with high coverage with one dose of vaccinum. (3) a gaggle of 138 kids in the big apple, Tennessee, and CA were tested for seroconversion once receiving one dose of the vaccinum accredited within the u. s., victimisation the fluorescent protein to membrane substance (FAMA) assay, solely seventy six of those kids seroconverted. (4) These results were one amongst the explanations that a second dose of pox vaccinum was mandated in 2006 by the Centers for unwellness management and interference (CDC) for all kids. At present, studies within the United States ar afoot to work out whether or not the second dose confers additional protection than just one dose.
    See more information.


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