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What are the psychological consequences of kids being raised by same sex couples?

With two states already approving same sex marriage, what are going to be the consequences of same sex couples raising children? Will this off throw and degrade society, since social norms start from the family? What are the psychological consequences of kids being raised by same sex couples?

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22 Responses to “What are the psychological consequences of kids being raised by same sex couples?”

  1. samsproudmommy said:

    i will begin to say that i believe being gay is wrong, however it is noit for me to choose for other ppl , so i dont give a shit what other ppl do
    that being said, studies show, and it is my opinion that there is no psychological damage with children raised by same sex couples. as long as it is a loving home

  2. Nikky said:

    Please don’ t feed the trolls!

  3. silly nilly said:

    i honestly don’t think there will be psychological consequences. i think many people have misconceptions about what homosexual people are and their “lifestyle”. i know i did before i met the gay friends that i have now. i also have a few friends who’s parents split up because one of the parents was gay, the kids turned out fine and are normal people. the MAIN thing is that i think those children will be open minded to people who aren’t “normal” as society defines normalcy. i personally would rather be from a same sex parent family than from an angry broken home. kids need love. and i also think it is ridiculous for the people who think that gay people will raise their children to “be gay”. that’s not the way it works, otherwise all gay children’s parents would have rasied them to “be gay” but we know that isn’t how it happens.

  4. double hugs double kisses said:

    so many people will have OPINIONS on this.. but while in collage i wrote a paper on this twice.. actually with research there is NO negative psychological aspects of a child being raised in a same sex relationship. It has actually been proven that more children suffer psychological damage from their parents getting divorced and the rate of couple breaking up is much higher in male/female relationships, It has also been stated that many children of same sex marriages feel they are more well rounded than their peers and that they have never felt any pressure to be homosexual themselves.

  5. Cath said:

    I study sociology/psychology for GCSE in the UK at the moment and we have been concentrating on this, the children that are raised by the same sex couples will have a high risk of getting bullied when they grow up older if it only happens in a few cases. It shouldn’t affect the children as they wouldn’t know any different of how they are nurtured or taught but they may think they are different and lower than other different sex families. It would change the society if more single sexed families were created as stereotypes and norms and values could also change. The children wouldnt be affected by the parents as long as they are brought up well and learn everything which a normal child should from a different sexed parents, however they may get the bullying from their peers. Hope this helps!

  6. Jorge & Juliana's Mommy said:


  7. Vickie Lynn said:

    My boyfriend turned out just fine.

    It is a little different. I mean our baby’s NANA is gay. And because of that we have a nana and a meme! : ) But we love them! It doesn’t change that. They give them the same kind of love a nana and a papa would.

    Growing up though my boyfriend didn’t tell anyone is school. And when I first met them they were introduced to me as “roommates”, but I saw through that…. So, I do think he feared what people would think of him, but other than that… nothing out of the ordinary!

  8. are you serious said:

    does it really matter? look at what some of the hetero couples do to their kids minds. as long as the parents (no matter what the relationship) raise their children lovingly and responsibly I can’t imagine there will be major issues.

  9. ! yA bAsTa ! said:

    there are no psychological consequences. i was raised by two heterosexuals…mom/dad…dad screwed around on her, was abusive, could never keep a steady job…mom was a nervouc break, yelling all the time. im was more screwed up than ever…lol. i laugh about it now cause im all fixed up, but i suffered more psychological consequences from my straight parents, i think, then any child from a stable gay couple.

  10. TotalRecipeHound said:

    Numerous studies have already shown that children raised in same sex couple homes do as well as those raised in heterosexual homes. The only difference is that 5% more children admit to being homosexual. In other words, the child is less likely to stay ‘in the closet’ than one raised in a heterosexual home. Considering the level of drug and alcohol abuse by those who do ‘remain in the closet’, that is actually a healthier outcome.

    I think raising children in homes with drug, alcohol and child abuse or filling the children with hate is far more degrading to a society than ANYTHING else.

  11. zaza said:

    What are the consequences of being raised by heterosexual couples?

  12. Dani&Morgan said:

    There is none.

  13. That Gay Guy for Da Ben Dan said:

    None! All the child sees is “I have two mommies/two daddies who love me a lot!”

    How would this possibly degrade society? There are NO psychological consequences just from kids being raised by gay parents.

  14. kitkat said:

    Children have been raised by same sex couples throughout history. It hasnt thrown off or degraded society and it has NOT changed the social norms of family dynamics.

  15. Gilligan said:

    It will damage them psychologically and emotionally. God intended for children to have a mother and a father.

  16. ladydye_5 said:

    i worry more about the kids that are in a “normal” family. there are “normal” families where one of the parents drinks, does drugs, beats the other one. i would rather see a child living in a loving environment (with 2 mommies/daddies) than living in a household where daddy gets drunk and beats the mother senseless. i dont see where there would be any more consequences in same sex marriage than in hetero marriages. there are plenty of children that are abused, neglected, abandoned, etc that come from “normal hetero relationships”. if 2 women(or 2 men) who are in a committed relationship and want to share their home/love with a child why not. if you are going to worry about social consequences make it across the board not just to same sex couples. abuse, neglect, etc can happen anywhere. if more people worried about that and not who the parents are “sleeping” with than the world would be a better place. i dont see how a same sex couple raising children degrades or demeans society. it is the people that question others and judge others that causes the problems. worry about your own family before you pass judegement on others. society is the problem,, kids know love and support. society is what teaches hate, misunderstanding, and judgement.

  17. Teresa H said:

    I’m sure there will be plenty of studies being done to tell us all the answer to that! And a few years later more studies will dispute it. A few years after that, those studies will be disputed. It’s nature vs. nurture debate all over again. Both play a part in how we turn out as human beings. We won’t know until a large part of kids grow up coming from homosexual upbringing.

  18. Mama_of_1_2nd_on_the_way_sept14 said:

    theres nothing wrong with me.. and im staright and have one child and one on the way.. yes my mother is married

  19. Brass Monkey said:

    It depends on what your idea of degradation of society is, I suppose. If you think that people being more tolerant and respectful of another human beings right to exist in a way that makes them happy, then yes, society will be thrown off and degraded.

    Personally, I would love to see society degrade in such a way.

  20. Agatha said:

    The child will view same sex marraige, dating as something they should follow, it will influence and shape their future.

    At this rate half of our population will be same sex relationships.

    Straight families are going to have to worry about their children becoming influenced by other children’s familes( child’s friend) who are not straight.

  21. Momto2inFL said:

    I’d be curious to ask you another question:

    How do opposite sex couples psychologically impact a child of theirs that’s gay?

    I don’t think it applies in either aspect. Parents teach their children about life and life lessons. And we don’t define a parent by their sexuality. At least I don’t.

    If a person feels a gay person is a bad parent simply because they’re gay, then they’re a moron.

    My cousin is a lesbian and she has a great girlfriend. And my son takes to both of them very well. He doesn’t see a gay person or a gay couple. He sees two people that love him, and play with him.

    I personally don’t think this question can be answered unless studies have been done. And remember, studies are done to prove and disprove, which I’m sure you can get results on both positive, negative, and zero impact pertaining to your question.

    Just my take on things….

  22. microwaveable_kitty said:

    None. As long as it’s a stable family it’s fine. I think more straight couples will end up messing their children up, honestly. LoL


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