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What are the best things to eat during a pregnancy?

This is my first pregnancy, so I wanna know what are the best things to eat and what are the worst things to eat for a baby?

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4 Responses to “What are the best things to eat during a pregnancy?”

  1. +Its a BOY+Due 06/05/10+ said:

    Anything with a lot of nutrients!
    salad ( but use romaine lettuce instead of iceburg )
    whole grain oatmeal
    whole grain bread

    bad things:
    ramen noodles
    commercial lunches (lunchables)

  2. diamond said:

    The best things to eat during your pregnancy are fruits and vegetables. The worst things to eat are fast foods and junk foods. Make sure you don’t drink a lot of caffeine

  3. Jessica said:

    Leafy greens-spinach, collards,romaine lettuce, broccoli, lowfat milk, fortified cereals, whole wheat bread/crackers, hard cheeses,lean meats-cooked well done, water, fruit of all kinds and vegies of all kinds, popcorn-non buttered. worst foods- soft cheeses, iceburg lettuce(no nutritional content) sugary foods, foods with excess oils and fat-sliced cheese, whole milk…

  4. Michelle said:

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