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What are the best, easiest, most convenient cloth baby diapers?

I am absolutely overwhelmed looking at the endless products available/necessary for cloth diapering! I used cloth diapers for my babies (many years ago) and there was basically 1 choice. You got a cloth diaper, plastic pants and diaper pins and you learned how to put it together. NOW – there are diaper “systems”. How do you know what is needed, which is most convenient, and best for baby and new mother both? I am looking for a great product for my soon to arrive grandson. Thank you!

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6 Responses to “What are the best, easiest, most convenient cloth baby diapers?”

  1. cally l said :

    ,You sound astounded like I was.
    All they seem to do is make more waste and make Mums lazy, but do agree for going out for the day its a good idea.
    I used to prefer swan-skin I don’t know if its available any more so my second choice would be towling as long as its has conditioner in it and they are soft not scratchy.
    When I think back I think the original nappy was made of flannel

  2. Toni said :

    Forget the systems-way (make that WAAAAAY) over-priced, and no better than plain-old flat diapers with plastic pants. I did the cloth thing on all three of my boys. Bought pre-made for the first and quickly abandonded them for the cheapest and best option: buying flannel or bird’s-eye weave diaper fabric at the fabric store, pencilling in lines for the right length (can’t remember anymore, sorry), zig-zag stitching on both sides of the line, about 1/4″ away, then used pinking shears to cut. No hemming or other heroics, and they are the best cleaning rags your mother will try to talk you out of (but save a few for her Christmas gift)! You will have to fold lengh-wise in about thirds and alter the fold-over length (front for boys, back for girls) as the baby grows, but they always fit.

  3. roodle007 said :

    we use Tots Bots Bambozzles, they are fab and look so cute!!!!
    They wash well and dry quickly. They are also environmentally friendly as they are made from sustainable bamboo. Check them out they are great.

  4. pumped up! whoo hoo! said :

    BumGenius 3.0 One-size

    they’re cute, don’t cause diaper rash and don’t leak!
    They’re great because they’re one size and you don’t have to buy a bunch of sizes – so it’s the best for your money. I like them 🙂

  5. mermaid said :

    I also think that Bumgenius is a great product. The pocket diaper is suitable for all ages, it has snaps to adjust the size, so you can use them from newborn to toddler. This is good for the budget. Because you can remove the cotton insert, this reduces the drying time. Once you put in the cotton insert, it is as easy to put on as a disposable.

    An all-in-one diaper is the easiest to use, of all the nappy systems, but it takes longer to dry. Plus they are fitted so you need larger ones as the baby grows. So this is a more expensive option. Bumgenius have an all-in-one diaper as well.

    Personally I use the traditional terry flat white squares, because my main concern was budget, they are the cheapest. They are also quick to dry, and can be used for other things like cleaning up after baby. Instead of plastic pants, I use the Tots Bots polyurethane (PUL) covers, which are more breathable, and they have a gusset around the leg so they fit better. I also use a Snappi fastener, much easier than pins. The only downside is that they have to be folded, but once you’ve done this a few times, it only takes a second, about the same time to stuff a cotton insert into a pocket diaper.

    I bought a few of the Bumgenius diapers for those occasions when my mother is looking after baby (she has forgotten how to fold a diaper), or when I am out and about and sometimes you don’t have the space to fold a diaper. I am really happy with them.

  6. Olivia's Mama! said :

    Well since you are giving this as a gift I would get something nice and maybe more expensive than your daughter might buy for herself like Berry Plush diapers. And you can also get some economical diapers!

    Jamtots Berry Plush diapers are beautiful and soft and luxurious for babies. They are made of minkee fabric inside and out! They come in many colours and you can have them custom embroidered. I think it would be nice to get one for your grandson with his name and birthdate on it. one cover and 4 minkee-topped hemp inserts as the cover can be used a few times before washing.

    The best type of diaper I think are pocket diapers. They are easy to use, dry quickly, the absorbency is adjustable and they include stay-dry liners. I love Baby Kanga and bumGenius brands. Both are one-size types so they are more economical. In the beginning they are more expensive, but then you have them until potty-training, you don’t have to buy more sizes.

    Most people say pre-folds with covers are the most economical. They definitely are, but you sacrifice convenience. You could get some infant pre-folds though to use from birth and some nice pocket diapers too. If you get some Jamtots hemp inserts they can be used as pre-folds when the baby is young, and then as pocket diapers stuffers when they are bigger. Then your daughter can decide what actually works best for her and the baby.


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