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What are some tips on staying pure for marriage?

I am 14 and I really want to stay pure for marriage. Any good tips that can help in life so I don’t have any regrets?

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8 Responses to “What are some tips on staying pure for marriage?”

  1. Elvis said :

    always have pride in yourself.
    don’t go with the crowd.
    be yourself and think for yourself.

  2. allisonnn said :

    just dont surround your self around people who dont have the same mind set as you. i mean you can still hang with them, but know when you have to leave or whatevar, just remind yourself of your goal ! haha 🙂

  3. Hope1944 said :

    Easy!! Stay away from the horny teenagers!! 🙂

  4. Audrey said :

    Hey, I’m the same age and I have the same goals. It isn’t that hard as long as you stay away from all the peer pressure and getting carried away. Always remember your values. My pastor once told me an example of this – Say it’s like your boyfriend halfway across the country sending you a teddy bear – representing him. What if the delivery guy gave it to some people along the way, and when you got it, it was all used, by different girls? Would you like that when you got it? What about with yourself? Remember that sex is designed for a man and a woman within marriage – so if you have sex before marriage it will never be as good as it could have been. That is an encouraging thought. Don’t think you have to do anything to get someone to stay with you because you “love” them. Chances are you really don’t. If someone really loves you – this is what is boils down to in later life – they love you enough to wait until marriage. Get a purity ring, and make a promise to a church. Go back to those hopes every time you are about to do something risky.

  5. Tiffany said :

    just don’t do it. if you so happen to meet a guy who wants to have sex leave him as fast as you can, if i was you i would just stay away from dating period but hey your 14 your stupid and have no intelegence at that age..or maybe you do. but thats not the point >_< just stay away from boys ur age (or older) most boys are stupid and dont know what the heck there doing! lol

  6. *Ghosty* said :

    Hi – that is a great decision.

    My tips would be…
    – be totally individual, wear your virginity with pride.
    – ignore peers who are sexually active and try to make you do the same.
    – ignore any boyfriends who say ‘if you love me, you’d sleep with me’ – that’s not love, that’s bribery.
    – beware of alcohol, it can lower your inhibitions and make you vulnerable to wrong choices.
    – I think you can buy some sort of ring (a Purity Ring) that declares you intend to stay pure until marriage; that would be a declaration to everyone to show that you are not ashamed of your decision.
    – be kind to yourself, because as you get older you MAY want to change your mind; it’s not the end of the world if you DO, but make your choices wisely, without any pressure, with someone you love and who adores you.

    I found a site to explain what a Purity Ring is all about.

    Good luck.

  7. Christine said :

    Avoid alcohol unless you are with your family, and don’t be alone with someone where you might be tempted. Be careful about parties too. I don’t know how pure you mean by pure, but when everyone else is looking at a movie it can be easy for touching to go too far even if you’re fully dressed. It happened with me in high school and it was mutual, but I could not undo it.

    If I had my teens to do over, I’d date, but I wouldn’t kiss or touch except to hold hands or say goodnight. At a party, I’d sit separate. Our being close to each other can be our secret. We don’t have to advertise it by sitting close to each other all the time. That’s just me though. In reality, I ended up dating lots of people, shared kisses with seven, and a couple of times I went farther than I intended, but I still kept my virginity. Just always be aware of what you are doing, and don’t do anything you did not decide ahead of time would be okay.

  8. Paul&Fran said :

    Follow your own heart and do what makes you happy and keeps a clear conscience.


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