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What are some good self-esteem building sports or activities for young children?

My children are 4 (almost 5) and 6 1/2 years old. They have been accepted by the State of California as Victims of Crime. I need to get them both into some sports or activities that can build their self-confidence and self-esteem. Do you have any suggestions and is there any monetary assistance to help me with the costs?

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4 Responses to “What are some good self-esteem building sports or activities for young children?”

  1. Paige C said :

    Definitely a soccer or t-ball or any other sports involving very little competitiveness that is cheap to get into (like YMCA) because it deals with having to interact with people around you. Don’t choose any sports that are self-active like gymnastics. But also, dance has no competitiveness, it’s fun, and you perform in front of many people which can definitely boost there confidence. Just look for a good efective coach that just wants them to have a good time. Anything where they have to interact with others will definitely help.

  2. gussie said :

    I would suggest any team sport that is house league since the emphasis is on team work, fun and being good sports.Rep.teams are all about competition. Ask the league to assign your children with coaches who are best suited to your children’s needs.You could approach a local service club such as the Lions club or Rotary who both do community work who may consider helping fund your childrens sports..Sometimes victims of crime can access money because they have been vicious of crime.I’m not sure exactly how you access these funds but possibly the criminal courts could help you The office of the Solicitor General may be able to help you..Funds are also available for counselling.Look into his as well.Good luck.

  3. rivasj27 said :

    any type of karate… I sent my kids thru karate and when they where taught to break the boards…Man, that was fantastic for them. They realised they had power within themselves… They loved it..

    And yes..all girls!!

  4. hlboin_2005 said :

    I would say some form of marial arts.. since its not a team sport you have to rely only on yourself to advance. You learn self defense in the process…


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