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What are some cheap ideas to do with small kids for vacation?

My husband and I are wanting some fun ideas to do with our kids (1 yr and 2 yr) this summer. We both have a week off and wanted some cheap ideas to do with the kids so they are not cooped up in the house for a week. Any ideas?

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7 Responses to “What are some cheap ideas to do with small kids for vacation?”

  1. mandylou said :

    where do you live? in st. louis, mo you can go to the zoo for free. swimming,parks.

  2. ADD said :

    Go camping! You can go in your own backyard. Set up a tent and the rest is up to you. You could also go to a local camping spot if you want to stray away from home. Kids will think it is fun and really the costs are set by you and how much you want to buy!

  3. kirsten W said :

    I don’t know where you live but there should be a zoo that helps endangered animals and tickets into that are only like 5 dollars. Kids love picnics and then they could play at the park. also if the weather is nive letting them spend a day in the hose outside in the yard should wear them out. Hope this helps.

  4. delicate.things said :

    It depends on where you live. Children become inspired when you take them to nature spots. Look for your local zoo’s, beaches (if your in a warm climate state), arboritums, butterfly sanctuaries, and state parks. If you live in a big city, perhaps you can take them to a fun museum, or just google nearby festivities. If you’d like to stay home , be crafty. Then again, your kids are not old enough for small parts. Good luck.


  5. melissa s said :

    CAMpING at a family camping area, there could be one real close, look up on line

  6. Kakfitz said :

    Jellystone national parks are reasonable and all about the kids. I took my son last year and we had a blast. The one we went to was in Wisconsin and had both indoor and outdoor waterparks, Yogi Bear movies for kids at night, contests, shows, a craft area, etc

  7. KKS said :

    disney world


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