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What are some activities to do while babysitting?

I got a job keeping the nursery at my church for 2 hours every Tuesday.It started tonight,but only one kid was there.What are some things that we can do that would be fun for all of the kids?There is a 14 month old,two 3 year olds,and a 6 month old occasionally.

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3 Responses to “What are some activities to do while babysitting?”

  1. reneemiss :) said:

    well they are young sing the abcs and silly songs. put movies on. make carfts. finger paint. bring old toys that you had. read books. coloring books. take out side. be like a teacher. role play. make up silly things. for diffrent holidays do deffrent things

    i baby sit my cousins thats what i do

  2. JESHE P said:

    for 3year old kids you can teach them some action songs, or arts maybe like drawing,painting, paper mosaic, and the likes or you can teach them origami simple paper folding…or read them short children story.
    and for that 6month old baby… hmmm.. maybe you can just give him/her milk and start playing some lullaby songs..hope i’m helping..

  3. BabyCakes said:

    sign, movies, tv, puppets, anything really


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