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What are my chances of a healthy pregnancy?

I’ve never had a regular period. I usually go every six months before I have one. My older sister was the same way and it caused complications when she tried to concieve. She finally did after ten years. Also, my mother suffered a miscarriage but had three other healthy prenancies. I’ve always wondered what my chances are of getting pregnant. What do you think?

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10 Responses to “What are my chances of a healthy pregnancy?”

  1. existinme4eva said:

    talk to your ob-gyn they should be able to help

  2. Trying to conceive!! said:

    very good chance im exactly the same way.

  3. Beth said:

    It seems that your heredity is not on your side. You should speak with your doctor for their professional input.

  4. Baby On Board said:

    Well if you are having a period every 6 months that is not good. You need to get to the Dr. and find out what the issue is. There is something that is obviousely not right. It may just be a hormone imbalance, or a cyst. Regardless you need to find out. This can make it very hard to get pregnant seeing as how you do not know your cycle. You do not need a period to get pregnant, you can still ovulate, but having one is healthier and gives you an accurate idea of your cycle. So get to the Dr. he is the only one that can determine if you will have potential issues in future pregnancies.

  5. Nicole S said:

    Well first off…being able to concieve is in no way hereditary (my mom had a hard time concieving too so I asked my Dr.) there are different medical things you can do to regulate your periods. Talk to your Dr. when you and your husband are ready to concieve….he will be able to tell you your chances. Good Luck!

  6. mom of1 said:

    than youre good. i used to have a regular 28 day cycle and after my son it became irregular i go times with out getting them. like now im 3 mths w/out it and its scary cause i wld like to have more kids but most likely if youre regular as far as ttc it should be icing on the cake

  7. MJ B said:

    First of all you should see a doctor and tell them about your irregular periods. There are things they can do to help get you regulated. Could be a hormone imbalance. After you get regulated your chances of conception should be a lot better Good Luck!

  8. jross_flamingwix said:

    I would talk to your Dr. I am the same way but had two healthy boys. You may have a hard time conceiving though….

  9. JusMy2Cents said:

    This is tough. Your best chance is going to come if you can figure out when during that 6 mos you are ovulating. I agree that you should talk to the docs about that.

  10. AMP said:

    I would go to the doctor and explain this to him. You may need to be put on birth control for a year to regulate your periods. Then once you get off birth control, start trying to have a baby right away while your body is still regular. I think in most cases this usually works. Good luck!


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