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What are different ways to touch and kiss?

Well, my and my boyfriend kiss, but what are other fun stuff to try like kissing the neck or ways to touch

What are some things you and your partner do?

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4 Responses to “What are different ways to touch and kiss?”

  1. Caralee said :

    When me and my Grandpa hugs and kiss and he touches my butt.

  2. Hannah said :

    try like nibbling on his ear, licking his neck, feeling him up, talking a little dirty when your making out always makes it more fun =) good luck!

  3. Kiadelicte said :

    kissing and touching is a great way to raise the temp u should try kissing the neck back stomach arms roll you r fingers gently over each others bodies just to feel the skin play with each others belly buttons that can be a MAJOR turn on…nut its lots of ways you just have to find out what best for you and your partner

  4. Michael G said :

    Try kissing on a bed coach or against a wall….where shorts and skirts and let him touch your legs while you make out…


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