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What advantages would there be if everyone in an community was the same?

Other then the fact that everyone would get along better, work better in group jobs, and our government would be more efficient?

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5 Responses to “What advantages would there be if everyone in an community was the same?”

  1. Pikachu Pokemon said:

    Less chance of getting a mutation.

  2. JHP said:

    There’d be less arguments, but there are plenty downs to it as well

  3. John 316 said:

    it would be less confusing because you know each other as well as you know yourself…
    so you would know each other better and it would be less diversity

  4. AdeL said:

    everyone won’t be the same. Even if everyone were the same race, religion, and lived in the same background they would continue to share different ideas and opinions.

    But if they all agreed to the same thing sure it could get things done faster but that doesn’t mean more efficiency. What if everyone agrees on something wrong, stupid, or totally messed up? Then destruction would be right over their shoulders. If everyone agreed on everything, if there was a mistake there would be no one to raise a flag against it because everyone would agree on the same thing (the mistake).

    There isn’t much advantage to a society where everyone is exactly the same. You need different people for different jobs and with everyone being the same there would be so many things and jobs that wouldn’t have workers.

    I’m sorry i can’t name too many advantages to this my baad on that

  5. Lamont said:

    so now bill won’t forget to bring everybody snacks on Wednesday!



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