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Valentines Night on a low budget?

I want to do something special for me and my husband on valentines night this year. This will be our 16th year together. It has to be something we can both enjoy at home, I have 2 daughters who will be in bed hopefully asleep. So going out isnt an option as i have no one I can possible ask to babysit. I have a budget of £30 to spend on food flowers lighting ect. Any ideas please ?

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12 Responses to “Valentines Night on a low budget?”

  1. SinIsIn said:

    Get him some chicken & beer and serve it to him naked.

  2. SmileyTechmister said:

    Edible edible edible.. and glow in the dark

  3. silvernightthorn said:

    candlelit picnic on the floor and a bottle of wine, plus you can keep the heating on

  4. Sukasa said:

    Well, you could always just spend some *alone* time with him. If that doesn’t work. Hmmm….You can always cook for him. A way to a mans heart is threw his stomach. Good luck whatever you decide.

  5. Lil Gal said:

    Romance him! 🙂 Set the place up with some nice food that you either get or prepare for him, get candles, buy a Valentine’s Day CD to play, maybe some rose petals (they make scented fake ones that they usually sell at card stores this time of year.) Most of all just be with him and enjoy the evening 🙂

  6. kalloggs40 said:

    Buy yourself a massage instruction book and give him a good long massage.Make sure to use a nice oil! then if you like give him a hand relief for a nice finish. Lol

  7. Rim said:

    wish with bunch of flowers of your own garden

  8. Ssp said:

    1) Buy a long stem red rose
    2) Buy a nice big greeting card (if possible with music and personalise it)
    3) Buy color decorative papers and write both of your names

    Keep them all hidden as surprise and throw them up when your husband comes out from the other room. Have a candle-lit dinner and mind blowing sex afterwards.

  9. ahi_tuna_extra_rare said:

    He really doens’t care at all about the food/flowers/lighting etc. Just take charge and sex it up for him in that way you never have (or haven’t in a long time) and he will be a happy man.

    As my wife used to say back when money was tight… beer is cheap and sex is free

  10. curious said:

    after the kids are asleep, slip on that new teddy, one that he would like. spread rose pedals on the floor leading to the bedroom, maybe romantic card on bed, with candles lit everywhere and have his favorite dessert ready to hand feed to him…..maybe fondue by the bed with strawberries and whip cream and let nature take it’s course.

  11. triviatm said:

    Well, there’s the classic candlelight dinner – just a few candles, some wine, a special meal that you prepare (say, something like a shrimp cocktail and coq au vin*, with a cheesecake from the store for dessert) and perhaps rent a romantic movie to snuggle on the couch to? Dress up in something sexy, and there’s your special night.

    *Coq au vin recipe:,,FOOD_9936_29816,00.html?rsrc=search
    – it’s easier to make than most people think

  12. Kevin A said:


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