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Valentines lunch date?

I’m taking this girl out to lunch during school on Valentines day and I want to make it like a date. We only have 50 minutes to leave, eat, and get back to campus. Would it be better to go to Sonic where we would be in the car alone or another fast food place where we could sit down?

Also, prom is coming up and I’m afraid she’ll bring it up during lunch to hint that I should ask her to go. For so many reasons, I would rather die than go to prom. It’s really not an option. What can I say to deflect her questions about it?

Any tips on how I can make it a good date? I’ve never been on anything like a date before.


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One Response to “Valentines lunch date?”

  1. Lauren R (mom to baby Bradley) said:

    I think Sonic sounds nice with being in the car with some privacy compared to being in at another fast food place where other students could eavesdrop into your conversation about prom and spread some rumors about it as well.


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