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Valentines Ideas that are free or cheap?

I need some inspiration for Valentine’s Day. I need an idea which doesn’t cost the earth but is meaningful enough to show I care.

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6 Responses to “Valentines Ideas that are free or cheap?”

  1. homeward2008 said :

    ask him to marry you.

  2. iknowwhatimtalkinabout said :

    I think that cooking a nice meal and making a card is a lovely inexpensive way to show him 🙂

  3. procrastinator said :

    Well over the years I’ve collected/bought materials such as ribbons/sequins/coloured wires etc, to make things. Or you can try recycling things. There’s lots of things you could make. How about paper mache? Make your own card?

    Or, to get away from conventional means..something that you found that reminds you of the person. Or a heartfelt gesture.

  4. goodiegoodiegumdrops8 said :

    just homemade is great lots of glitter is fun lol but i love to tape chocolate to my cards all the time!

  5. a_einstien said :

    Ive always enjoyed the zero in cost , yet priceless in value, gift of all day fellatio.

  6. admiration said :

    some ideas:

    1. i once did this for a guy and it was great…bought the cheapest heart-shaped chocolate box i could find and threw away the nasty candy (u can get one at the dollar store!) then made cookies and put them in the heart shaped box (i made mine from scratch but i doubt it matters). then i drew a pic of the 2 of us, cut it in the same shape/size as the top of the box, got it laminated and attached it to the top of the box. it was sweet!

    2. this idea is something i thought about for this year and ive even told someone else to do it here on…. go to paint-a-pot( or some other place with the same idea, or do it urself at home) and decorate a plate or 2 and personalize them with either ur anniversary dates on them, or words that describe ur relationship, or inside jokes or a drawing of the 2 of you and then you can make and serve dinner on them, or u can bake cookies or brownies and serve it on 1 plate….whatever u feel is appropriate.

    3. or a picnic on the beach or park or somewhere special


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